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How To Unleash the Power of Social Networking Sites!

July 1, 2007

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging as often as I should and gosh, I’m sure you all know that I’ve been neglecting this blog of mine since it’s alexa ranking has dwindled quite a bit! Oh no!!! (I guess only internet marketers will know why I’m panicking.. :P)

Anyway, just to let you in on what I’ve been soooo busy with these few weeks.

Firstly, I’m preparing for the development as well as the launch of a really awesome website called KANGGIE and it’s going to be an explosive community where everyone can get to trade, have fun, learn as well as get to know more people! The possibilities are endless at this site. You’ll get tons of internet marketing resources which allow you to pick up internet marketing from scratch! Well, for now, we’re still getting the website ready – the designing, programming, marketing etc etc.. it’s a really busy period for me, Calvin and Munir and of course our team of programmers! As for YOU, my dear blog reader, well, you won’t want to miss out the fun! So be updated of the excitement as well as the launch of this really cool website! More details will be slowly released to you as we approach closer to the launch date!!!What are you waiting for?! Sign up NOW as a JV Partner/Beta Tester here!

If you have visited Calvin’s blog, you would have gotten the first hand news!!! Wondering what it is? Well, I’ve just completed writing my very first eBook!


How To Unleash The Power of Social Networking Sites

It’s called How To Unleash The Power of Social Networking Sites and in the book, I’ll share with you what are social networking sites, what they can do for you as well as how to make use of them to promote your blog, website and business! Social networking sites not only can enhance your social life but also can be able to increase the exposure of your business, blog and website to millions of people! I really had a great time researching and finding out more and basically, I realised that social networking sites are not just websites that allow you to be connected to your friends, add photos and update profiles! They are websites that can potentially turbo charge not only your social life but also your income!

I’ll be making changes to my social networking site member profile really soon and basically, I’m going to drive traffic from such sites to my blog and even my company’s website! 

So, do YOU want to know how to unleash the power of social networking sites for you, your business and your income?


Just to reassure you, it’s absolutely free, there’s no opt-in required and basically you have full right to give it away too! 😀 So you have nothing to lose and can start downloading your copy now!

Anyway, I know that I’m in the middle of a blog post series Blogging – How Your Blog Should Be An Easy Online Income Stream Generator For You! and I have yet to complete the blog series!! There’s still one more part coming! So do check back here again!

In the meantime, don’t forget to learn more about social networking sites through my FREE ebook, How To Unleash The Power Of Social Networking Sites as well as join KANGGIE NOW!

Take care folks and check back here soon! 🙂

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