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Tips For World Internet Summit Attendees!

May 31, 2007

I can’t believe it’s over! World Internet Summit is over!

Well, the 4 days of the World Internet Summit have certainly been worthwhile and though it was rather tiring for Calvin, Munir and myself, it was a really good experience for us. We talked to people, met up with people as well as listened to people.

The preparation for the event was rather crazy because we were rushing to print hundreds of booklets publicising about IMOVATORS LLP, our new company as well as our coolest, funkiest and most exciting project! Moreover, we prepared 300 namecards to be given out during the 4 day event! And you know what, we gave out 90% of them already. Gosh.. time to start printing more~!

Well, at the event, we heard speakers such as Mark Joyner, John Childers, Brett Mcfall, Tom Hua, Ewen Chia, Jay Abraham and more. It was great to hear the words coming out from the mouths of the Internet Marketing Gurus as well as get to hear real-life testimonial speeches from those who have succeeded in creating a full-time online income for themselves! So, people! Making Money Online is certainly possible and even I have made a small sum for myself! And i’m certainly going to push myself even further to achieve even greater results and be financially free! You can read more on Internet Marketing and to get an idea of what it is and its importance here.

My favourite speaker at the World Internet Summit was definitely Mark Joyner because of his interesting presentation as well as the content he provided. It was engaging and I must say that his point of being a Freedom Agent is so important and we must work toward being financially free in order to free ourselves and others from the burdens that the lack of money brings.

Ewen Chia’s presentation to me, was the most convincing and amazing. He did a live check of his sales which literally blew me away! He really was making thousands a day and ten thousands per month or even more! The great potential that Internet Marketing has in creating a full-time online income was right before my eyes and I am even more determined to make it my reality too! One thing i must say about Ewen is, he is certainly the Internet Marketing guru who is really humble and sincere in his presentation and I have utmost respect for him.

There are some tips that I took away with me after WIS, which I believe I should share with anyone who has been to WIS or is planning to attend WIS soon:

1. Prepare lots of namecards

>> You are going to meet lots of people. So remember to stock up on those namecards in order to market yourself to others and to gain some attention from the thousands of other attendees.

2. Sleep early every night

>> Why? Because the summit lasts for almost the entire day and you need all the energy to be able to sit through all the presentations or stand through the event at the Joint Venture table.

3. Bring Mints

>> You’ll need mints to keep you awake when some presentations get a tad boring and to refresh you from information overloads. Besides, you’re going to talk to lots of people. You won’t want their first impression of you to be “oh that Smelly Breath guy/woman”.

4. Be early

>> You would want to be there early in order to get a good seat if your ticket is a free-seating ticket. Moreover, you’ll want to mix around/ mingle/ network with those sitting around you.

5. Pack some food

>> There will be thousands of attendees and at meal/break times, it can get really crowded at all the food outlets. So bring along some food (Sandwiches, chips, biscuits) just in case, the crowd’s drowning both you and your appetite.

6. Get to know people

>> Open that golden mouth of yours. Haha.. and talk to people. Get to know them and well, find out what they are doing, why are they at the World Internet Summit and what they hope to find out. These questions can lead you to getting more opt-ins at your site, customers or just friends.

7. Be open to the content that is presented by the speakers

>> People whom I have talked to, felt they were disappointed that the event seemed to only be selling products/ programmes/ services at high prices. Well, I’m sure that information provided by those speakers are beneficial but perhaps, their sales speeches may put some off. So people need to be open to the idea that these speakers will definitely take the opportunity to promote their services. Think of a businessman. If he had 3000 people in front of him, listening to what he had to say. Do you think he will let go of the opportunity to make people aware of his products/services?

So there you have it! Tips that I have to offer especially after my own first experience of attending World Internet Summit! 🙂 Well, look out for the next one~!


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