My Survival Guide to PC SHOW SINGAPORE 2008!

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past week! Was kind of caught up with work and plans that I didn’t have time to blog or to tell you the truth, I was a bit lazy to blog at the end of the day when I was all tired and just looking forward to hitting that bed of mine. Anyway, the exciting news of today is that I went to the PC Show Singapore 2008! Frankly, I might sound sua gu but I’ve not been to PC Show before (not that I remember that is :P)!

PC Show Singapore was indeed like a hotbed of tech gadgets that are on their best sale price! It felt as though Sim Lim Square was brought into the 3 levels of the Suntec City convention centre! I could hardly breathe! And mind you, I was there on a FRIDAY AFTERNOON.. and it was sooooo crowded already.

The first thing that came to both Calvin and my minds was, “SO, PEOPLE DON’T HAVE TO WORK THESE DAYS?” Haha.. we actually were quite proud of ourselves being able to fork out time on a weekday to pop by to see the good deals that are available. And we were thinking, PC Show on a weekday afternoon shouldn’t be packed and crowded such that we can check out the deals slowly.. aka window shopping.

BUT!! We were sooo wrong!!!! It was sooo crowded!! And barely enough space for us to walk side by side. And I hate crowded places cos.. you never know when you’ll get that swat on your back or butt. It’s irritating.. I feel vulnerable. Thank God for my darling Calvin.. 😀

We were sooo tempted by the good deals at the PC Show which included the following:

Palm Treo (some model no.) Smart Phone going for $599 $299!

PSP + standard pack going for…. $269!!

Sharp 32″ LCD TV going for… $800++!

160 GB HDD going for…. $90!! (which we bought :P)

HP Tablet laptop going for… less than $2k!

Sony Vaio laptop going for… $1699!!

Hahaha.. and soo much more!! 😀 There’s even insurance booths there.. I wonder why… I was joking to Calvin that next year we’ll see booths selling Barbie dolls instead.. Hahaha.. LAME joke. 😛

Anyway, I’ve tips to share with you on surviving the PC Show!

My Survival Guide to the PC Show Singapore 2008:

1. A pen/marker –> to mark out the deals that you want to check out as and when you receive those flyers

2. A paper bag –> to store all the flyers that you get

3. A bottle of water –> there’s no place you can get drinks/food on the levels 3,4 and 6 of Suntec.. so just bring along a bottle just in case you to quench your thirst.

4. A pair of comfortable shoes –> Ladies, DO NOT WEAR HEELS. YOU’LL DIE IN THEM. Hahaa.. Wear your most comfortable pair of footwear.. I wore my birkenstocks!! 😀 So should u! Hahaa..

5. A foldable trolley –> if you are planning to cash and carry bulky items such as printers and laptops etc, it will be good to bring along your foldable trolley that can save you the aches and the pains of having to carry down your goods from Level 6 and below. 😉

6. A check list –> Always prepare before going down for the PC Show. Decide what you want to buy and then check them off as you move along.

7. Be early –> If you want to browse and compare prices, you have to be there early! LIKE REALLY EARLY!!! Once the crowd pours in, you’ll realise you’re stuck in a maze and will have a hard time finding the previous bargain that you saw!

8. Just spend –> Frankly, after spending the day there today, I realised that the price difference between laptop accessories etc. are between $1 to $5… For laptops, TV, huge electronics, it really depends on the specs. JUST SPEND WHEN YOU SEE SOMETHING THAT SUITS YOUR NEEDS. And don’t waste time comparing prices etc. because it’s not worth it. Your time is worth more than running up and down between different booths just to compare the pricing. Always remember you are buying to satisfy a NEED, so any amount that buys that NEED is justified because well, YOU NEED IT!

9. Keep your children at home –> Children are distracting to yourself and to other visitors to PC Show… cos.. they are running around, screaming, trying to get themselves lost by running far from their parents and I just don’t see how you can concentrate on searching for tech stuff while carrying your child in your hands. BE FOCUSED. Your children will only become your distraction.

10. Bring cash but not too much cash –> Well, if you are paying by nets or credit card, there’s an additional 2% of the price that you have to pay for the transaction. I don’t know if it’s the case for ALL booths but it was for mine. If you want to save that 2%, well, bring cash to pay for your goods!

That’s about it! If you’ve not headed down to the PC Show Singapore 2008, what are you waiting for? Gosh.. Saturday and Sunday’s going to be fully packeD!!! Be there early and enjoy!!

[photo credits: show 2008/redtoh/PC2708_cover.jpg?o=1]

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