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Quarter Life Crisis Occurs at 25 years old? I don’t think so!

December 2, 2010

I was in FULL KNOWLEDGE that today is the 1st of December. It means that this is the final leg of the ‘race’ in 2010. Now, when it’s this time of the year, I usually know that I’m just 1 month away to my birthday (hint: it’s in january.. duh!) and this year it’s especially surreal because I’m turning 25 next year.

25 = quarter century old = quarter life crisis

Is it? I don’t know. But I certainly hope not.

Now as I ponder what exactly has happened in the past 24 years of my life, I dare say that this life has been well-lived so far, simply because I try to live by the motto of ‘Carpe Diem’ and early experiences in life have led me to treasure life even more.

The MMI event I recently went to (if you haven’t read it, it’s here), has made me more aware of the importance of success and celebrating it. It was really funny to me to go through one activity in MMI where I had to list the successes in my life because i think around 3 or 4years ago, Calvin did a similar exercise with me. So what we have to do is to list down the number of successes we have experienced in our life. Back then, I didn’t write a single thing! I think I only wrote 1 and I felt sooo bad that I didn’t have any achievements in my life.

BUT NOW.. it’s different.

At the event, successes that I have experienced from when I was young till today, came to me quite naturally and I just felt overwhelmed at how much I have changed – how now I do not think as poorly of myself as before.

Were the experiences of success the determining factor?

Maybe. But I have to say that it’s how I think and choose to empower myself with my success stories that caused me to remember and list them more.

Food for thought:

Now, don’t you think if you are constantly thinking about how successful you are, you probably will think that you are?

Similarly, if you constantly can’t recall your achievements, you probably will be thinking you have nothing much to cheer about and you aren’t successful.

That was the revelation that I got from MMI’s experience.

The more you think about success and how you are able to achieve, the more likely you are to think that you have the ability to succeed. Well, what the ‘gurus’ like to term this, especially in The Secret, is what they call the Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction or not, it just shows how important empowering yourself with positive beliefs (especially about yourself) are.

So right now, Calvin and I have adopted the exercise conducted from MMI where we celebrate at least 5 of our daily successes, big or small, just to keep the positive energy going.

I have to say that I’m not the most positive person in this world. I actually like to think – since opposites attract; Calvin is super positive ALL THE TIME, that explains why I’m usually the negative party in this relationship.  It’s all his fault! 😛

Well, the exercise has been useful so far though sometimes we laugh at the fact that we only have 3 for the day and we try to do something to make up for success #4 and #5. That still helps, doesn’t it? We train ourselves to be successful! Hehe..

So that’s the crux that I wanna share with you and that is, celebrate your successes – old, new, big or small. They are never too small to be passed off as insignificant because they are small achievements meant to be celebrated! So celebrate!

p.s. Though I do recognize my abilities in achieving my successes, I do not want to forget my Jesus. Because only with Him, all things are possible.


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Millionaire Mind Intensive 2010 Singapore Day 2 & 3

December 1, 2010

Sorry guys for being late with a recap of Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore event Days 2 & 3!

Let me tell you why:

1. I arrived home on Day 2 at 12MN. I was exhausted and we had to get up at 7am the next day! So I really didn’t feel I was up for staying late and surviving another day with just 4 hours of sleep.

2. At the end of Day 3, I arrived home at 9pm. That’s real early right? BUT I CRASHED INTO BED! Haha.. MMI was sure INTENSIVE~!

Monday was back to life/reality and really getting to those emails that have piled on Friday through the weekend. Now that I’m free (cos I’m waiting for Calvin to finish recording a video), I’ll just share with you the highlights of the event.

Day 2

Day 2 was all about challenging the beliefs we had and also changing the belief structure. Now, one might think that since I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, all the stuff that Harv went through were not new to me.


BUT I finally understood the application of conditioning and the power of beliefs in hindering one’s success. It’s funny how the brain works especially how internal conversations seem to be able to influence your actions just as though it were one person.

One old belief I had was, having a lot of money is a huge responsibility.

And during the event, I was taught to develop one argument against it and it was, I am smart and capable and I can take on such a responsibility.

Now, that’s empowering, don’t you think?

In addition, I stayed on for a special presentation (or upsell) for their ‘Train the Trainer’ program. It was really an eye opener for me to learn all the subtle stage etiquette that helps you involve your audience and supercharge your presentation! Though it was just a few pointers revealed in the presentation (well, to find out more you had to sign up for their program), Calvin and I discovered there are many areas we can improve on.

Day 3

I must say that Day 3 was a great conclusion to the whole MMI. It dealt within something so powerful – emotions. Do you know that everyone has an emotional attachment to almost anything – including money?

Now, that’s something I didn’t realize I had. Negative emotions related to money can subconsciously hinder you from creating wealth for yourself.  Whenever I thought of money, I was worried that I won’t have enough to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family etc. And all these worrisome thoughts I had were not empowering me. In fact, they were slowly demoralizing me!

Lastly, I changed my attitude towards striving for wealth. I used to think that only people who were materialistic will want to strive for wealth because they want to buy the expensive things and enjoy life. I failed to recognize apart from these people, there are people who strive for wealth for freedom and for a purpose.

Why are there rich people who aren’t happy? Shouldn’t they be happy that they can afford everything in life?

That’s cos they are not fulfilled.

When you strive for wealth for a greater purpose other than yourself, you will be fulfilled and the wealth will come along.

I have always known that the reason why I work so hard is for my family and my future. But that is NOT the greater cause. My purpose behind striving for wealth should be much greater than that, in order for me to see a drastic change in both my life and my finances. Right now, I don’t really have an empowering motivation – I am in my comfort zone because I have been able to provide for my family’s basic needs.

Hence, in order to stretch out of my comfort zone, I am on a personal mission to discover what my calling is and to discover what mygreater cause is.

I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me but I sure hope it’s going to be super good. Because I know God has a plan for me and I just need to find my way towards it.

That’s all for today!


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Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore Day One

November 27, 2010

I’m going to tell you the truth. I AM EXHAUSTED NOW. 12.58am. And we’ve got to be up by around 7am so that we can be on time! And boy, did T Harv Eker make a huge point about this throughout the whole session!! But I’m still going to share more about Day One of Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore, simply because I did come away with a lot of insights about myself and about wealth, which I would want to share with you.

Alright for today, Harv started the whole session on a high note and it was funny that he used the EXACT SAME QUOTE as Calvin did for our Accelerated Blogging Profits workshop. I’m not going to tell you which one it is but it’s the opening line. 🙂 Looks like my boy is a born speaker! I knew it! Adam Markel went on to take over from him after lunch and continued from there.

So, one of the activities that I benefited the most from today was the activity on the beliefs we had about money, wealth and rich people. It was pretty insightful because I discovered that I had limiting beliefs about how I could achieve more money, negative beliefs towards having/accumulating wealth and even fears about becoming a  rich person. (I know, it’s like ZOMG!) It’s funny that I have been in this business of internet marketing for almost 3 years with the sole goal of creating multiple streams of income for myself with the purpose of attaining financial freedom and to support my family. BUT I am not even prepared to handle the wealth, the money and even becoming the person that I have been working towards becoming!

No wonder I seem to have reached a plateau with regards to my earnings and even earning abilities. I have been subconsciously sabotaging myself!

One limiting belief I had about me making more money was,”Striving for wealth won’t allow much time for anything else in life”. This is absolutely not true! That’s a lame excuse that I have been giving myself all this while!  One quote that Harv left deep in my heart was “How you do anything is how you do everything”. So If I were to manage my time well when it comes to striving for wealth then I would pretty much be able to manage my time to allow myself to do other things in life!

One negative belief that I had about accumulating wealth is “Having a lot of money is a big responsibility”. And because I have this belief, I will avoid opportunities that will involve a lot of money so as to avoid this big responsibility. That is so true!  That equates passing up opportunities for JVs or partnerships in the past, just because I didn’t feel I was up to the challenge of partnering a big marketer alone (in fact, a few gurus have contacted me before but I was self-sabotaging myself!).

One fear I had about becoming rich was attracting the wrong people (i.e. people who are out to take advantage of me) and having people  who mean the most to me (friends and family) leave instead. Now whoever thought I’d actually have this mentality? I think I have been watching too many TV dramas.  Haha.. But then again, these are fears and beliefs I have been holding onto all these while. These are not the only ones btw, there are many others. But these are the more ‘prominent’ ones.

I’m certainly going through a reprogramming of my brain and my brain cells so that I can better equip myself with the millionaire mind that is needed for my success!

One thing that I would like to share with everyone is my take home message from today’s session:

Money is a result which comes out of something you do. And so long as you do something with purpose and joy, the money will naturally come to you.

Financial Freedom is a choice. It is not a choice that everyone makes. But it’s a choice which can change the way you lead your life.

Off to bed and geared up for Day 2!!

“If you will do what most people won’t do for the next few years, then you can do what most people can’t do for the rest of your life.” – Wade Cook


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Millionaire Mind Intensive (Singapore) in 7 hours’ time! Are you going?

November 26, 2010

I’m still up at 2.04am, just 6 hours before Calvin and I head down for the 3 day Millionaire Mind Intensive event from 26th to 28th November and just 7 hours to the start of it!

Oh dear.. now I wonder if I am going to be in tip top condition tomorrow morning!

So anyway, I really don’t know what to expect from tomorrow though I’ve heard a lot of good stuff from past attendees like Edmund Loh and Elle Wong. It seems that it’s so power packed that I’m gonna be blown away! I am definitely looking forward to some recharging of the millionaire mindset, especially when I am being convinced to attend the event by Calvin.

Now to be frank, I have NOT attended such *hard core* personal development other than the free ones organized from school, webinars or audio distributed for free by awesome speakers like Tony Robbins and even live preview events conducted in the past by local speakers like Adam Khoo and Stuart Tan (who happens to have become my NLP practitioner course master trainer). So I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s event. Doesn’t help that SITEX is happening during the same period! All the more reason to be at Expo tomorrow and over the weekend 😛

I wonder who I’m gonna meet there? Then again, I’m a person who doesn’ t really open up during networking sessions (*shock* I know!) until I’m comfortable with the environment. So don’t be surprised if I tend to look rather unfriendly at first glance. But nonetheless, if you are heading down, don’t forget to say hi! 🙂 At least to Calvin, cos he’s more famous than me. HAHAHAHA.. 😀

I’ll be posting some updates from tomorrow, the first day of the MMI event. So stay tuned!


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How We Celebrated Calvin’s 26th Birthday!

November 24, 2010

It’s a month since I last blogged! Sheesh.. time really flies! October was a really eventful month and I wish to thank everyone to helped us out at our first event, Accelerated Blogging Profits as well as all participants who came down in full force to join us on a Saturday. 🙂

And also thanks to everyone’s well-wishes to my bf, Calvin Woon on his birthday last Saturday! November’s always the period where I usually panic one week before his birthday, trying to figure out how to celebrate his birthday.  This year I badly wanted to surprise him in one way or another because it’s always nice to have something to remember a birthday celebration! Well, you won’t be 26 again, will you?

So anyway, Calvin’s a person who’s a workaholic (yes, you saw it right) so I wanted him to relax completely on his birthday.

Surprise #1 (Success!): Calvin loves Baileys and Chelsea. Haha.. Yes, he’s a HUGE Chelsea club fan. So, I tried looking for a bakery which made custom cakes – Chelsea jersey + Baileys cake flavor? That’s quite ambitious don’t you think? Haha.. It was kinda difficult to find a cake maker who was able to do that for a cake that’s less than 1 kg. So I gave up on the idea. BUT I found Pine Gardens (thankfully through the Straits Times Lifestyle section which covered on custom cakes) and they had BAILEYS CHOCOLATE CAKE! 😀 I ordered and had it delivered to his place in the morning!

Surprise #2 (FAILED): Initially, I had wanted to surprise him with a bunch of friends on his birthday. It was really funny because everyone had different schedules and it was so difficult to cater to everyone, so I cancelled the whole plan. The funny thing was, then the night before, everyone seemed to be able to make on Saturday (!!!) but I had already planned something for the day.

Surprise #3 (Indeed a surprise!): So the thing I planned was a trip to Universal Studios! That’s the big thing in Singapore, isn’t it? I initially had planned to bring him there but the tickets were SOLD OUT 2 weeks before his birthday! I was crushed. I was so disappointed that I even told Calvin about it. 😛 So I scampered to figure out where to bring him for his birthday. Then just 2 nights before (when I realized the surprise with friends isn’t possible), I just decided to check again to see if tickets were available. God must have known I badly wanted to surprise Calvin with something! And to my surprise, the tickets were available! So I rushed to purchase them and because he thought they were sold out, he was indeed surprised on the day itself!

Surprise #4 (Totally Unplanned!): Now, this came as a surprise to me too! The Singapore Navy decided to show some LURRRVVE to my dearest boy and called him at 10am for immediate mobilization. We were on the way to Sentosa already when he received the call from them. Can you imagine how crushed we were??? Calvin’s face totally went white when he received the call and then he told me to drive home for him to dress in his navy uniform. I thought he was trying to pull a prank on me. Until I realized, he wasn’t joking. So we had to head down all the way to Changi for him to report for the mobilization. I parked the car at the SAF Yacht Club and waited and prayed the mobilization was not for the whole day nor a surprise exercise. God answered my prayer: he was out in 30 minutes!

Surprise #5 (Didn’t make it): A birthday is never complete with a birthday dinner or some sort of treat at some fancy restaurant right? So I had planned to bring him to Sapphire at Mount Faber. But guess what! We were tooooo exhausted from the day at Universal Studios!! Haha.. So in the end, we drove home with tired legs and exhausted bodies and bought takeaway food from the coffee shop near his place.

Now, if you were to ask me, I would say if anyone were to ask him, so what did you do on your 26th birthday? I can be sure, he will remember what we did. Simply because the Singapore Navy mobilization made it unforgettable. Also, the trip to Universal Studios was an eye-opener for us, especially when it’s a theme park in our own small island country.

Well, I really hoped he enjoyed himself as much as I did that day because he truly deserves it..! 🙂