Our Home Office is 100% Done!

Actually it’s been a week since we got the office done and basically I failed to update you on my blog is because I was busy busy busy preparing for a site launch on the 10th of March and since then, everything took off!

The office is a very cozy office done up with just enough space to accomodate 4 grown ups in a room. lolz! And basically, the IT Show 2009 came at just the right time because we headed down on a Friday to get all the electronics stuff that we needed.

A couple of things we got from the show were:

1. Acer Aspire Desktop
2. Canon 4 in 1 printer –> which we regretted buying because we found a Brother one which was wireless and just going at $70 more.
3. An office line
4. Lenovo netbook –> which came together with the broadband plan that we signed up for the office.

It’s been fun doing up the office. We’re totally equipped with a fax machine, printer, 4 computers, arm chairs, air condition, white board, a hugeeee magnetic calendar and so much more!

We stocked up on the pantry too! Hahaha.. Though it may be small for the moment, but as we gradually expand, we’ll set our eyes somewhere for an office. But right now, our home office is sweet~

I’ve been so lazy at uploading photos because it takes time to upload to the PC and then up to the server. But well, I’ll hopefully take some time to do up some photos for you to see!

Till my next update!

P.S. Wanna check out the site that I and Calvin launched a week back? Just check it out here!

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