Operation Office Creation…. Progress 65%

I told you that I’ll update you on the progress of our office creation and here I am to share more with you! It’s been pretty exciting fixing things up and buying the furniture and appliances needed. And just in case, you are settling up your own home office, it’s good to have a checklist and maybe mine can help you. 😀

So far, we bought :

1. Huge table –> doubles up as a meeting table and work desk.
2. CPU holders –> to hold the CPUs of course.
3. Table lamps
4. Electrical wire rack –> good for holding lots of electrical cables
5. 1 HP desktop –> we got it at a really cool price!
6. Printer
7. Roller cabinet –> really cute. It’s to store the printer and stationaries.
8. White board
9. Magnetic Board
10. 4 roller chairs –> 2 white and 2 blue!

Still pending:
1. 1 more desktop
2. Air conditioner
3. A Book shelf
4. Cheque typer
5. Paper shredder
6. Another printer?

I’m not allowed to put up photos though.. It’s a self-imposed rule. Haha.. Cos the office is currently in quite a mess. We’ve been trying to put in all our IM resources, references, files and documents into proper files and shelves. So everything is laying around!

The huge meeting table we got from IKEA was finally fixed up about more than a week ago and it’s really looking great. The meeting table doubles up as work desks for our 2 employees. 😀

The home office is really a cool concept that Calvin and I came up with because we wanted to maximise the extra room that his place has. Also, it was a great way to still have flexibility, rather than having to travel to and fro from another destination. 😀 Of course, this is only temporary. We’re scouting for a good place and definitely are waiting for the right time to move in.

Everything happens in God’s time. If the time doesn’t feel right, wait on it. 😀 We’re waiting for the right time for a lot of things… our car, our office and even, our marriage. LOL! Trusting in God’s time and plans is even greater than trusting in our own plans!

Ok, so that’s about it. The air-con guy is coming to fix up a new air con next wednesday. And till then, we’ll have to scout for our next desktop bargain and other things we might need! Stay tuned!

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