Operation Office Creation… Progress: 20%

It’s great to be able to share with you our joy of building up our office! And narrating our experience to you is definitely one that is meant to spur you on that anything is possible so long as you set your mind and heart to achieve it.

Calvin and I have come a long way since knowing about Internet Marketing back in 2006 and stumbling and falling and finally picking up our toes and taking the right path down this industry. Never did we imagine back then in 2006, that we will be running a full-fledged company within a span of just 2 years. Do bear in mind that we were studying University and working on our business at the same time then.

Now, we’re working from home and have registered our companies, running operations from Monday to Friday. It’s been great that we’re starting a business and working on our own because it’s OTOT (own time own target), so our income is proportional to the effort we put in. And what spurs us on is our goals to achieve the many things in life together which makes us more united, committed and willing to go all out.

We just went to IKEA today to get our office furniture. Got the office tables, swivel chairs, magnetic board, whiteboard etc. It was fun planning what kind of office we were hoping to have and what we wanted to have in it. So we went down to IKEA about 3 weeks back and settled on the items. Then waited for the right moment before making our purchase. And it’s today!

Now that we’ve got the furniture, it’s time to purchase the desktops. We’ll need to get 2 desktops and we’re currently scouting for good deals. 😉 A trip to Sim Lim one afternoon should do the trick. 😀 Until then, we’re about 20% done considering that we’ve got the furniture!

I should snap photos of the office at its gradual creation stages! 😀 Haha.. I’ll be sure to do that and post them up in my next post. 😉 Stay tuned!

2 responses to “Operation Office Creation… Progress: 20%”

  1. Ivan Ong Avatar

    Hey Patricia…

    Congrats on finally getting your own office and all the beauty that Calvin and Internet Marketing has brought for you…

    all the way!

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hi Ivan!

    Thanks a lot! I’ll be posting up photos of ‘our creation’ soon! 😀

    All the best to you too!


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