Office Space FOUND. IM advice for newbies.

I can’t believe the spot that we found. It’s perfect.

Last friday and weekend was spent looking for the office space and it’s amazing how running about and viewing different units can be quite tiring! Also the fact that we need to discuss the feasibility of the location, how good it is and whether we will fully optimize the space.

Well, after searching, we have found a great place.

Shall not reveal the location to keep the suspense.

It’s all in God’s hands and if we do end up with the place, it’s just a wonderful plan of God to set us up in a location where we were looking for.

Gonna meet up with the landlord and property agent to go through the agreement details soon. >_< Hopefully all discussions go smoothly. -------------------- Advice to internet marketing newbies: do not follow blindly. look for credible sources whom you know can provide you with proven methods to earn money online. don’t go into get-rich-quick schemes because you will not be able to fall back on them when you need a steady source of income. Establish an online business that can sustain you.

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