Have you ever felt like you had ‘No Air’? I have.

Well, I never knew what having ‘No Air’ was like until I heard the song by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. It’s a song that’s been out for quite some time (I’m a quite a music buff btw :P). The song ‘No Air’ didn’t strike much with me because I knew it was just another catchy song that had well, Jordin Sparks (Previous American Idol winner) and Chris Brown (famous R&B/Hiphop singer). But things changed when I read the lyrics.

Here’s a video of the song for you if you haven’t heard it before or if well, you wanna listen to it. 😛

[ev type=”youtube” data=”8u0iuCqIbbM”][/ev]
And here are the really meaningful lyrics!

Jordin Sparks Lyrics

All I want to say is, when you love someone soo deeply.. he/she is equal to the air you breathe. That when he/she is absent, you feel soo breathless and good as dead.

I witnessed this when my grandmother who was senile, when my grandfather’s passing sank in.. she quickly just lapse into ‘No Air’ phase and passed away less than a year from my grandfather’s..

As for me, my air is my dearest Calvin.. that keeps me alive and pushing and i hope he does so for the rest of my life.. 🙂

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