My Saturday

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll know that I hardly talk about my daily happenings over here unless they are like worth updating? Haha.. Like Weddings, Events, Occasion etc.

Oh well, but today I just felt like updating my blog on a more personal note. In my old blogs, I used to rant a lot of my school days from secondary to jc days. To me back then, blogging was just well, my online diary. Which was open to other people to scrutinise, comment, view etc. But frankly, blogging today has gone onto a whole new level.

Before I get into the technicalities here about the various things u can do with a blog, here’s just a sharing of how my Saturday went.

In the past, Saturdays were days which I had both fun and misery. Why? Cos I had a gruelling hour of piano lesson followed by basketball sessions with my buddies. It’s really funny because I would go for my piano lesson, dressed in my basketball shoes, shorts and gear such that my teacher used to comment this:

“Are you here for piano lesson or a basketball competition?”

But those were the days when I was younger and perhaps naiive.

Today was definitely unlike previous Saturdays perhaps a few years ago. Today was a sort of a company meeting where we addressed our developing plans, pending ideas and future plans. We were coming up with a plan for something that was going to take place in the coming new year. Wow, certainly we’re thinking far and planning ahead. (That was certainly not I was doing – planning ahead, when I was playing basketball every Saturday afternoon in the past).

One thing’s for sure, I’ve certainly matured. Well, thank God I have.

Sometimes, thinking into the future scares me a little because well, the future is always unknown but then again, every second that passes us by, is the future. In fact, we are always living in the future if you realise.

I didn’t know that until I read a book some time back. Can’t even remember the book title! Haha..

So we had our meeting for about 3 hours into the afternoon. Then we ended and proceeded to Saturday relaxation day when i realised, I CAN’T PLAY MMORPG (is that the correct abbreviation?) GAMES FOR NUTS!!!

GAWDDD.. i was sooo nauseous from just playing like 30 mins? I just couldn’t take it! Even thinking about it is making me sick. hahaha.. But i liked the game. It’s called Overlords? or was it Warlords? Hahaha.. Oh well, it was a free game given to us by Samsung.

Let me tell you, those people who can play these like games are seriously…. erm… FIT. hahaha.. i don’t know is it just me or what. haha..

Well, Calvin and I had dinner at the Ponggol Seafood Restaurant located along Upper Aljunied Road and we ordered like Hongkong Mee, Claypot Toufu and Prawn Paste Chicken! It was sooo yummy!!! 😀 Sorry no pics here!! 😛 Ok la.. I’ll provide pics in future. hehe..

Okie, time for me to get to bed.. so sleepy. Till the next blogpost!

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