My wishlist is super outdated!! Goodness.

October 4, 2008

If there’s something that is really neglected, it has to be my wishlist.

I bet even YOU didn’t know that it existed as a page.


Oh well, I haven’t updated it since the beginning of the year and though I’m sad to say that I’ve not gotten any of the items mentioned in the wishlist (which was created a longgggg time ago), I got a lot of OTHER THINGS! Haha… But these unfulfilled items are definitely still on my wishlist. 😛

And I might want to add a couple more…

Like this gold adidas watch that i saw. 😛

Did I mention the tiffany & co. charm bracelet i like soo much?

And how about that honda jazz that Calvin and i decided to get instead of aveo 5 sedan?

That goes to show that the only thing constant is change. how true.

Our wishlists may change over time because of varying needs but then again, long term goals/wishes need to be steadfast in order for them to become reality.

At least after all these months, though my wishlist doesn’t seem very much fulfilled, I am very sure that Calvin and I have already started making our long term goals/wishes our reality…

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