How To Be Motivated For Your Success!

Gosh.. I’m really sorry for not updating regularly! I’ve been quite busy with school and with the exams nearing, I just have been neglecting YOU, my blog reader and I’m so sorry about it.

But I’ve got an interesting post today – How To Be Motivated For Your Success! While I’ve been busy with school and workshops etc, I realised that there are 4 main sources of motivation that can allow you to reaffirm your ability, recharge your drive and rejuvenate your inspiration. You will need these sources of motivation to be continue being on the pathway towards success!

1. Your Family

>>The influence of your family in your life is so great that it cannot be compared to the approval of peers and experts who may be important to your career. Most of the time, a person’s motivation comes from his family. For instance if you think about why you are working so hard to achieve success, wealth and happiness it is because you want to be able to provide for your family and for them to have what they want. “Blood is thicker than water”. Hence no matter what your family will be your core motivation for your success because they are always with you no matter what happens.

2. Your Peers

>>Your motivation comes from the recognition from your peers. Research has shown that what really motivates a person to fight for something is when he has a desire for the respect of the person who is fighting right beside him. Your peers’ recognition is so much more important than medals or other forms of public recognition because you want them to be able to respect you for what you have done and also to look up to you. By having the recognition from your peers, you’ll be more motivated to work harder and to be ahead of them. And by being ahead, it means that you’ll always work faster and harder towards your success.

3. Experts or authorities

>>You also want to gain recognition from the experts in your field. It is important to realise that a respected expert does not have to be someone who is known far and wide throughout the world – you establish the qualifications. But it is often that people whom you find impressive will be equally impressive to others. Once you’ve met such a person, or even if you have just seen them from a distance or perhaps read an article about them, stop hesitating and politely approach them and introduce yourself. Unless you happen to catch them at a particularly difficult moment, most successful people are eager to help others and to pass on what they’ve learned. In that way, you can also be as successful as them!

4. The Ability to Share Wealth, Knowledge and Wisdom

>> What motivates you is this ability to share with other people your wealth, knowledge and also wisdom. Knowing that a lot of people will benefit from what you are doing will motivate you and push you to work harder and it is this ability to allows you to gain recognition from others as well. Hence, it is a really powerful source of motivation which I believe all great leaders have.

Motivation that we receive or have involves other people, whether they are peers, mentors, family members, or simply fellows of the human race. These people in our lives serves to push us along in the rat race and in the quest for excellence, success and survival. In order to feel motivated and the need to work towards your goals, dreams and success, you need to recognise other people as your motivation and push yourself with this knowledge.

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  1. Desmond Ng Avatar

    I hope you are using all this to boost your drive to study harder! All the best for your exams… and Thank you for coming to the FoolBoy Birthday Party and the present! hahaha…

    Time to cancel away the “Hold a Successful Workshop” in your wishlist too.


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