Help to Motivate Me to My Mazda 6 in 2008!

October 10, 2007

Today’s journey home at 8.25pm was an agonising one. I don’t know why at that time, there were still many people on their way home and on the MRT trains. Aren’t they supposed to be home already? Busy eating their dinners? Watching television? Relaxing? I wish I was but I was busy in school till late, so that explains my lonely journey home on the MRT train.

So there I was, one of the sardines packed in the can. It was agonising, having to stand throughout the journey, squeeze with bunch of people who were with grouchy faces, smelling of perspiration and not with the slightest bit of courtesy (of moving towards the centre of the train and not blocking the doors). Plus, did I tell you the ‘aromatic’ scents of the train…? Oh goodness, I think SMRT could do with some air fresheners in the trains. Anyway, all I could think about was just having my own car, being able to drive myself home comfortably…

Oh yeah! I know those who have cars are saying, “You think so good life ar? There’s traffic jams on the ECP, AYE, PIE, SLE, TPE, BKE, blah blah.. And you feel as though you’re playing bump bump cars sometimes…” (pardon the Singlish by the way. that’s how we talk in Singapore)

BUT WHO CARES?! Owning a car gives me the convenience to drive wherever I want and not be at the mercies of grouchy fellow passengers, smelly, stinky and underventilated buses/ trains etc.)

Anyway, here’s my dream maiden car (as in my first ever car, LOL!), the Mazda 6:

Mazda 6 2008

So anyway, Calvin asked me, “You want the car in 2008 right? So, what are you going to do to get this car?”

Me: “Get the money?”

Calvin: “How?”

Me: “Mmm… continue IM-ing?”

Calvin: “But, what have you done so far?”

Me: scratches head “Erm… not really anything.. *embarrassed*…”

Calvin: “So what are you going to do to get yourself motivated to get the car by 2008?”

Me: “AHHHHH…. here goes..

I will visualise the feeling of getting the car in 2008 after graduation.

Gosh.. all sorts of images flooded my mind and I became sooo ecstatic! I needed to let this tremendous feeling sink in and encourage me to persist despite all odds (making money online isn’t that easy, fyi).

I needed to create a reward system to encourage myself. 

I decided to reward myself (with a treat) for every level of $$ that I set myself to attain/ save and for every successful internet marketing ‘project’ or task that is completed. Yeah yeah, it’s quite a shallow reward system but it’s definitely going to help me get closer to my car and desired lifestyle! I feel that setting something gratifying to indulge in after completing a certain undertaking is a great way to relax and enjoy at the same time after hard work.

I will surround myself with people who will support and encourage me all the way.

Being with people who have the same beliefs and aspirations as mine will just serve to create and maintain a very powerful, kind of motivation. And I’m really thankful that my business partner and sweetheart is just the person to be around me to motivate me all the way!

I will treate myself well.

Puzzled? Haha.. I meant that I will take care of myself and exercise regularly in order to maintain vigor and energy in my daily activities (i.e. Concentrating on developing new ideas for Kanggie, blogging, surfing the net, reading up on IM etc.) that will help me focus and move closer to my goal of getting my car. I’ll take breaks and naps when time allows (this worries Calvin because to him, i’m quite a lazy piggie.. lol!) But it’s really important to take sufficient sleep, relax and recharge after a hard day’s work because Success won’t matter if you don’t have good health to enjoy it!”

I was pretty proud of myself and to make my commitment even greater, that’s why this post is up on my blog – to constantly remind me the motivation that I have towards getting closer to my goal! By the way, I will greatly appreciate if you have any motivational stories, advice, etc that you might want to share with me. It will be one of the steps for me to surround myself positive people! So, just leave a comment for this blog post!

Well, I’m all fired up and motivated to go! Wish me luck! 😀  

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  • Reply sam July 23, 2009 at 9:22 AM

    its 2009 <did u get your car yet ?

  • Reply Patricia August 11, 2009 at 3:21 PM

    Hi sam,

    Nope, I haven’t got my car yet. So issues with the government policies here with regards to self-employed individuals.

    But hopefully soon!


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