Did You Know That Motherhood Is Taken To A Whole New Level?

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world! Hee..  

I was reading the Straits Times Newspaper’s Digital Life section (dated 8 May 2007) and there was an article titled “Kids Play Blocks, Mums Write Blogs”. It really intrigued me that I left it around in order to blog about it. And now, I’m finally here to do so!

Well, I feel that the article has captured the full essence of what blogging is all about and how it has evolved as a Web 2.0 application. Everyone has a blog and are capturing all the details of their lives. Their blogs allow them to share with the entire world the events that happen around them, their frustrations, their bliss, their questions and their answers etc etc. There’s really nothing under the sun that they can blog about. Why except politically controversial issues I guess.

For these mothers, well, blogging has allowed them to network with each other, share photos of their babies, interesting tips to do with motherhood and peer support. They achieve all these with the use of a humble blog in a corner of the HUGE internet space available.

Social networking, coupled with blogging, enables people who may be alone and feeling alone in one part of the world, to be still connected to people and interact with new people as well. It gives stay-at-home mums a better way to interact and maintain a social life while caring for their children and their family.

Now, motherhood is not merely just taking care of the child/children but has progressed to interacting with others to find out what is best for her child/children. With the Internet, information is readily available, mothers can be well-educated in the area of child development through online resources and the peer support that they receive through online groups, blogging communities, can help them to overcome depression or any frustrations that they may be facing in their daily lives as a mother.

But though the internet sounds like the perfect haven, there are still precautions that have to be taken such as the child’s personal details and also family particulars as well. Mum bloggers or actually, any blogger should always aim to protect him/herself from the dangers of the internet such as Identity Theft. And the basic rule to follow is “Never divulge any information online that you will not give to a stranger in person” such as credit card information, address, contact numbers, identification number, passport number etc.

As mothers are blogging about their children, they will need to have a greater sense of responsibility because they are involving not only their lives but their children’s. But nonetheless, so long as precautions are taken, blogging and social networking can and should be integrated into everyone’s daily lives.

Here are some recommended mummy blogs provided by the article which I think you might be interested to check out:

Angeline Tay

Jenny Hiou

Pauline Wong

Adele Augustin

Jean Angus

If you haven’t got a blog, well you should start one! Why?

10 Simple Reasons Why You Should Blog 

1. It helps you update other people of your life.

2. It’s a great way to write down your thoughts and feelings.

3. It can act as your personal diary.

4. You can make things interactive by including videos, audios, tag boards etc.

5. You can even market yourself through your blog.

6. You can get to know many people through your blog.

7. People like reading blogs.

8. Blogging allows you to practise your writing skills.

9. You can establish a blogging community through your blog.

10. You can educate and share information with other people through it.

So what are you waiting for?!

Well, here are just a few reasons why I started blogging –> 5 Reasons Why I Blog

Hope it can inspire you to start a blog if you haven’t got one! 🙂

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