Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore Day One

I’m going to tell you the truth. I AM EXHAUSTED NOW. 12.58am. And we’ve got to be up by around 7am so that we can be on time! And boy, did T Harv Eker make a huge point about this throughout the whole session!! But I’m still going to share more about Day One of Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore, simply because I did come away with a lot of insights about myself and about wealth, which I would want to share with you.

Alright for today, Harv started the whole session on a high note and it was funny that he used the EXACT SAME QUOTE as Calvin did for our Accelerated Blogging Profits workshop. I’m not going to tell you which one it is but it’s the opening line. 🙂 Looks like my boy is a born speaker! I knew it! Adam Markel went on to take over from him after lunch and continued from there.

So, one of the activities that I benefited the most from today was the activity on the beliefs we had about money, wealth and rich people. It was pretty insightful because I discovered that I had limiting beliefs about how I could achieve more money, negative beliefs towards having/accumulating wealth and even fears about becoming a  rich person. (I know, it’s like ZOMG!) It’s funny that I have been in this business of internet marketing for almost 3 years with the sole goal of creating multiple streams of income for myself with the purpose of attaining financial freedom and to support my family. BUT I am not even prepared to handle the wealth, the money and even becoming the person that I have been working towards becoming!

No wonder I seem to have reached a plateau with regards to my earnings and even earning abilities. I have been subconsciously sabotaging myself!

One limiting belief I had about me making more money was,”Striving for wealth won’t allow much time for anything else in life”. This is absolutely not true! That’s a lame excuse that I have been giving myself all this while!  One quote that Harv left deep in my heart was “How you do anything is how you do everything”. So If I were to manage my time well when it comes to striving for wealth then I would pretty much be able to manage my time to allow myself to do other things in life!

One negative belief that I had about accumulating wealth is “Having a lot of money is a big responsibility”. And because I have this belief, I will avoid opportunities that will involve a lot of money so as to avoid this big responsibility. That is so true!  That equates passing up opportunities for JVs or partnerships in the past, just because I didn’t feel I was up to the challenge of partnering a big marketer alone (in fact, a few gurus have contacted me before but I was self-sabotaging myself!).

One fear I had about becoming rich was attracting the wrong people (i.e. people who are out to take advantage of me) and having people  who mean the most to me (friends and family) leave instead. Now whoever thought I’d actually have this mentality? I think I have been watching too many TV dramas.  Haha.. But then again, these are fears and beliefs I have been holding onto all these while. These are not the only ones btw, there are many others. But these are the more ‘prominent’ ones.

I’m certainly going through a reprogramming of my brain and my brain cells so that I can better equip myself with the millionaire mind that is needed for my success!

One thing that I would like to share with everyone is my take home message from today’s session:

Money is a result which comes out of something you do. And so long as you do something with purpose and joy, the money will naturally come to you.

Financial Freedom is a choice. It is not a choice that everyone makes. But it’s a choice which can change the way you lead your life.

Off to bed and geared up for Day 2!!

“If you will do what most people won’t do for the next few years, then you can do what most people can’t do for the rest of your life.” – Wade Cook


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  1. Lester Lim Avatar
    Lester Lim

    wah.. super long day right? that’s why i did not go even though I manage to get free tickets. but i reckon this is a very insightful workshop.

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hey Lester!

    Yup, it was but certainly a good experience. 🙂

    Well, you should go the next time he comes around!


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