Millionaire Mind Intensive 2010 Singapore Day 2 & 3

Sorry guys for being late with a recap of Millionaire Mind Intensive Singapore event Days 2 & 3!

Let me tell you why:

1. I arrived home on Day 2 at 12MN. I was exhausted and we had to get up at 7am the next day! So I really didn’t feel I was up for staying late and surviving another day with just 4 hours of sleep.

2. At the end of Day 3, I arrived home at 9pm. That’s real early right? BUT I CRASHED INTO BED! Haha.. MMI was sure INTENSIVE~!

Monday was back to life/reality and really getting to those emails that have piled on Friday through the weekend. Now that I’m free (cos I’m waiting for Calvin to finish recording a video), I’ll just share with you the highlights of the event.

Day 2

Day 2 was all about challenging the beliefs we had and also changing the belief structure. Now, one might think that since I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, all the stuff that Harv went through were not new to me.


BUT I finally understood the application of conditioning and the power of beliefs in hindering one’s success. It’s funny how the brain works especially how internal conversations seem to be able to influence your actions just as though it were one person.

One old belief I had was, having a lot of money is a huge responsibility.

And during the event, I was taught to develop one argument against it and it was, I am smart and capable and I can take on such a responsibility.

Now, that’s empowering, don’t you think?

In addition, I stayed on for a special presentation (or upsell) for their ‘Train the Trainer’ program. It was really an eye opener for me to learn all the subtle stage etiquette that helps you involve your audience and supercharge your presentation! Though it was just a few pointers revealed in the presentation (well, to find out more you had to sign up for their program), Calvin and I discovered there are many areas we can improve on.

Day 3

I must say that Day 3 was a great conclusion to the whole MMI. It dealt within something so powerful – emotions. Do you know that everyone has an emotional attachment to almost anything – including money?

Now, that’s something I didn’t realize I had. Negative emotions related to money can subconsciously hinder you from creating wealth for yourself. ¬†Whenever I thought of money, I was worried that I won’t have enough to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family etc. And all these worrisome thoughts I had were not empowering me. In fact, they were slowly demoralizing me!

Lastly, I changed my attitude towards striving for wealth. I used to think that only people who were materialistic will want to strive for wealth because they want to buy the expensive things and enjoy life. I failed to recognize apart from these people, there are people who strive for wealth for freedom and for a purpose.

Why are there rich people who aren’t happy? Shouldn’t they be happy that they can afford everything in life?

That’s cos they are not fulfilled.

When you strive for wealth for a greater purpose other than yourself, you will be fulfilled and the wealth will come along.

I have always known that the reason why I work so hard is for my family and my future. But that is NOT the greater cause. My purpose behind striving for wealth should be much greater than that, in order for me to see a drastic change in both my life and my finances. Right now, I don’t really have an empowering motivation – I am in my comfort zone because I have been able to provide for my family’s basic needs.

Hence, in order to stretch out of my comfort zone, I am on a personal mission to discover what my calling is and to discover what mygreater cause is.

I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me but I sure hope it’s going to be super good. Because I know God has a plan for me and I just need to find my way towards it.

That’s all for today!


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