Mid Term’s OVER~!

HAHA… I’m blogging in the middle of my lunch break with Calvin for company and I’m soooo glad that my mid terms are over and I’ve gotten thru them! Not too sure of what kind of results I’m expected to churn out but who cares?! ūüėČ

Remember in my earlier posts where I talked about writing a list of ‘to-dos’ to reward¬†yourself¬†after accomplishing a goal?¬†Well, that’s the part that¬†will push to work towards your goal because you want to¬†enjoy the benefits and joy of¬†the rewards that are to come!

So¬†here are a couple of things that I’m going to set¬†out to¬†do to reward myself over this weekend:

1. Shopping!¬†(That’s my lurvveee… haha… Haven’t done so in ages! Even if it was just 1 hour¬†walking around the nearby mall,¬†I think it’s good enough~!)¬†*Calvin’s complaining that I’m behaving like a bimbo*

2. I’m going for mole removal~! Haha…. where¬†are my moles? Haa… On my face la.. *stupid Calvin is trying to scare me about the procedure… dumb ass..*

3. Going to call a bunch of guys and talk to them. Hahahaha…. *Calvin just stared at me..* Eh, com’on la.. I’m calling these people coz of serious business – my workshop! Eh.. it’s top secret so I shall not share more. ūüėõ

Well, that about it! I think it’s going to be a rather fulfilling weekend ahead and I deserve a gooooood rest. hahahaha… I’m such a pig *according to Calvin*!

Okie… lunch break’s near an end.. argh~! Time for tutorial.. *sigh* Check back later tonight! Cya~~!!!

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