Life After Visiting South Korea

I apologise for my lack of updates during the past month! It’s been quite a hectic month even though we went for vacation to Seoul, South Korea. That’s because before we left, we needed to make sure that work was done and covered for that week. And after we came back, it was back to work to prepare for various projects that we were coming up with. Also, my aunt from the States, together with her husband and my cousin flew into town in the same week that I arrived back.

I must say I was still recovering from the trip to Korea (we walked, shopped and ate a lot) which kind of left me a little exhausted, during the week that we returned. But I was ready to give my aunt and family my best – showing them around Singapore and being a good host. I sure hope I did okay! 😛 Anyway, it was really great to see them again, especially since I saw them 9 years ago!

A lot of people have been asking me to post up my pictures from our trip to Korea but I’ve been procrastinating about it BECAUSE I TOOK 767 PHOTOS. hahahaha… I think I’m really famous for taking so many random photos when I’m travelling cos I take about 100 photos a day! Calvin was totally tired of having to pose for me, smile and say Cheese. LOL! But my mentality is that pictures tell a thousand words and capture the moment as it is. There’s no point for me to narrate to you what I did in Korea, how are the people and what are the foods we ate, because it leaves your imagination dry after some time. So, photos I feel say the best of the place that I visited. 😀

So yes, I will try my very best to actually leave some time to devote more to blogging on my personal blog. (How many times have I said that???) But you can be sure that this domain name will always be remain mine and here and well, just pop back to see what I have in store at the moment.

That’s all for now from me!

Oh, just an update: I’ll be flying off to the Philippines for a family vacation. So, yep, you can expect another update really soon!

2 responses to “Life After Visiting South Korea”

  1. Superman Avatar

    You’re forgiven :p . But where’s the photos you took during your trip? 🙂

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hi Superman,

    The photos have yet to be uploaded. But they’ll be up soon. hehe. 🙂


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