Kanggie’s Official Launch!

I am so glad to announce this on my blog and that is Kanggie IS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! 

If you still don’t know, Kanggie is a social networking website that is targeting internet marketers and internet marketing beginners! But of course, we are still welcoming anyone who is interested to socialise! And well, why not have the extra benefit of finding out more about making money online!

The Kanggie management team has worked hard for the past 2 months to bring you this website and we certainly hope that our efforts will pay off with your kind support! Do remember that the site will be giving out lifetime commissions!

Firstly you earn Kanggie credits when you sign up for Kanggie and when someone you refer signs up for Kanggie !

Next you earn 50% commission of the sale of One Time Offer occurs when your referral buys the attractive One Time Offer packages!

You also stand to earn 20% commission whenever your referral tops up his/her Kanggie Dollars by purchasing more and this is lifetime commission!

There’s so much more happening at Kanggie and Calvin, Munir and I sincerely hope that you’ll drop by to take a look!

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