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Kanggie Widgets Are Out!

August 13, 2007

Did you notice something different on my blog today? 😀

If you haven’t noticed, well, I will presume that you are new to my blog! 😉 Anyway, there is something different and it’s the presence of 2 new additional things or widgets found on my sidebar!

We, at Kanggie have finally launched our Kanggie widgets which are a whole set of features that are found on the members’ profile. These include:

1. About – Profile information about me (The first widget that I have up).

2. Message Board – The messages fellow Kanggie members have posted on my profile page.

3. My Contacts – My friends who are on Kanggie as well (which is found under ‘My Community’ over on my sidebar)

4. My Admirers – People who have added me on Kanggie

5. My Products – Products that I have listed on the Kanggie Marketplace

6. My Images – Pictures that I have put up on Kanggie

7. My Websites – My websites which I have listed on Kanggie

8. My Uploads – Things and files I have uploaded on Kanggie

So what is happening is that, these profile panels which are found on my profile page can be replicated onto other websites that I have through the embed function.

These widgets or profile features can be easily embedded onto any site just by just following the easy 2 steps that are shown to members when they click on [*] on the top right hand corner of their profile panels! 

It’s really easy to just embed the code onto their blog, website etc. Just copy 2 codes onto your html code of your website! You can check out the widgets on our blog on our side bar!

What these widgets do is help boost exposure of Kanggie which can help members to stand a good chance in winning the Monthly Referral Contest! Moreover, members can choose whichever widget to add!

For instance, you can add ‘My Contacts’ widget onto your site to well, help your friends get exposure online with the help of your site! Add your profile widget to describe more about yourself to your blog readers etc! Personalise your website with the widgets and well, let others HOP into the fun by clicking on them!

So, do you want to have these widgets on your site? Well, hop in here!

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