It’s 1 week to Christmas, 2 weeks to 2009 and 3 weeks to my birthday!!

December 17, 2008


I’m tired of always blogging about how busy my week has been, how busy my life has been, how busy with business i’ve been (when actually it’s been alright i guess..) 😀

So here I am to blog about my favourite time of the year… The last 2 weeks of the year and the first week of the new year. *THIS IS MY FAVORITE PERIOD OF THE YEAR*

Without fail, I’ll have 3 weeks of celebration – Christmas, New Year and then My birthday~!!!

I really love Christmas ever since I was a young girl and i remember always putting up the Christmas tree together with my mum. (Dad’s not as enthusiastic about xmas as us. haha..) I’ll always be in-charge of putting up the ornaments onto the tree. And when I was four and had my first Christmas performance (where I was a fairy), my mum put the star that I made for the performance on the top of the tree. And since then, it’s always been the star at the top of the tree.

Who can forget those christmas parties that used to be held in my old place.. It was so nice to have family gathered around to just eat and party.

Then after Christmas, came the New Year! Who doesn’t love new year’s celebration! We used to stay near the causeway and we’ll always be able to see the fireworks from Malaysia! It was a thrill for me! 😛

The week after’s the best because it’s my birthday. Having a birthday at the start of the year ensures 2 things.

1. People are less likely to forget your birthday because it’s just after the new year.
2. People are less likely to know it’s your birthday because it’s just after the new year.

For me, I felt that it’s the best of both worlds. Because I didn’t like being ‘sabo-ed’ by friends on my birthday so I’ll normally be hush hush about it. So normally, I’ll get through the day safe till at the end of the day, when someone realizes it’s my birthday. LOL!

Then, friends remember my birthday and are likely to celebrate it with me because it’s when everyone isn’t busy with school or exams. So, they can party!!! 😀

I’ve had a couple of memorable birthdays… my 2nd birthday at mcdonald’s, my 9th birthday at the hospital, my 16th, 17th and 18th birthday at school and of course, my 21st and 22nd… (Cos calvin was there lol~)

And I always remember people who remember my birthday… hahaa.. cos i know that i at least mean something to them.. HAHAHA… But I know I’m lucky to have great friends around.. and i love them so very much!!

So… today marks the start of the 3 week celebration… i think haha.. and i’ve got a friend from Germany who’s arriving tomorrow! At 6.20am in the morning.. gosh.. time to sleep so as to wake up on time to fetch him!

Be sure to be back.. I’ll be posting photos and updates of happenings in the 3 weeks!! 😀

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