It’s Getting Hot In Here!


It’s getting so hot these days.. and frankly, Singapore being a tropical island with only 2 seasons of hot and hotter.. hahaha.. anyway, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s sunny and hot. But these days, it’s really HOOOOOTTTTT.. i’m not kidding! And it is always so during the May-July period where we supposedly have summer..

Here are a few fun and perhaps, simple tips that I have to stay cool in the summer:

1. Drink iced water/ tea instead of normal luke warm water to quench thirst. (Do carry around with you a insulated tumbler/water bottle when you go out such that you can be sure that you have cold water all day with you! ;))

2. Go places that are air-conditioned such as a shopping mall or the library (they are always soo cool and wonderful to just walk around and sit around too!)

3. Wear something that is comfy and cool (need I say more? Time to take your bermudas and sun dresses out when you head out!)

4. Stay at home (it’s cooler at home than out… so might as well stay at home where you can blast your fan, air-con, cooler etc.)

5. Go to the beach/swimming pool (it’s always good to cool off at the pool.. and enjoy a iced cold drink at the same time)

Hahaa.. how did i come up with these tips? Well, I’m doing them right now that’s why! 😀 Enjoy your summer folks!

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