Singaporean Internet Marketers Exposed?!

Well, when I saw my name under the list, I was surprised. In fact, I was even thinking perhaps that was the reason why I got the attention of a local newspaper. But nonetheless, I’m flattered by the attention that has been lavished on myself and also on Calvin these days by the people around us.

But anyhow, the fact is the number of people who are into internet marketing in Singapore has risen and though many would say that it would mean increasing competition for me and the industry locally, I would beg to differ. Internet Marketing is a huge industry which everyone can have a share of and I’m really glad that it’s slowly catching on amongst the youth in Singapore. And I would definitely want to meet local marketers and perhaps get to know more about what they want to do and their future plans.

For instance, one of our future plans (for myself and Calvin), we are creating products and our membership site, Kanggie which we envision to be a great internet marketing resource site for everyone and it’s going to be fun and enticing for the youths in the world to come in and join!




Okok, of course we are not only going to target the youth but ANYONE who wants to pick up internet marketing as well as anyone who has a product and service to offer to people!

As I was saying, internet marketing is picking up in Singapore and definitely, Calvin and I would want to be able to get to know as many people who are interested in this industry as possible! So do remember to just drop us an email to say hi!

Anyway, do try to get a copy of mypaper (it’s a really cool chinese newspaper publication targetting young adult Singaporeans) tomorrow at all major bus interchanges, mrt stations… and flip through and well, let me know what you see huh! 😉

2 responses to “Singaporean Internet Marketers Exposed?!”

  1. Etienne Teo Avatar

    Hi patricia, i don’t come upon your blog and website for fun, and that you and calvin was worth mentioning in my exposure for our singapore marketers.Hope you have success with your site.

  2. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hi Etienne,

    I haven’t thanked you for featuring us on your blog and well, I certainly didn’t think you came to our blogs/websites for fun. 😀 But anyway, it’s good that your blog post brought up the importance of exposure amongst Singaporean Internet Marketers. Well, keep bloggin’ ya! :)Do remember to look out for Kanggie!


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