I’m Back!!!

May 1, 2007

Hi folks! After the long long break that I took for the exams, I’m finally back! I hope that you, my dear reader missed me! 😉

Well, I have to explain for my absence. Examinations were happening and I had 4 Psychology core modules this semester which requires a lot of brain work and memory from me. Which is why I haven’t really been able to devote much time to blog a post everyday.

Another reason is because I always like to make sure that my blog posts are beneficial to my readers and often I research content for them. Hence, because of my examination preparations, it was rather difficult for me to do so. And I didn’t want to just blog for the sake of blogging! 😀

I actually received a comment from a reader, who said that ‘I don’t seem to practise what I preach’, a one-liner by the way. And till today, I wished he/she had taken time to explain what he/she meant by that statement. Perhaps it was in reply to my Time Management/ Stress Management posts where I share with everyone how to manage their time better by setting goals, coming up with schedules etc etc. And perhaps he/she was upset that I didn’t blog or plan time well to still continue blogging during examinations period. Too bad that the reader did not leave a name or an email address! Because I would like to sincerely, present my defense case. 😛

But anyway, I follow what I recommend on my blog. I have a To Do List. I followed a timetable during my examination preparation week aka reading week and basically, I manage my time well. However, blogging was not my utmost priority. Which caused me to not set aside much time in a day for the activity.

I hope that everyone can understand. And well, May’s a great month to jumpstart my holiday plans as well as business plans too! There are so many things that I would want to share with you! So, do keep coming back to the blog!

Thanks everyone! And Happy Labour Day! 🙂 Have a break and have a kit-kat. 😛

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