I wish I was an F1 fan…

Why do I wish I was an F1 fan?


Weird.. despite that, I just don’t feel THAT excited after all.

Sure, I was looking forward to the possibility of actually being at the scene where the action is going to be BUT, tickets were sold out before I even decided to get them. What a pity.

Then afterwards, the excitement sort of died down between May and September and probably all the preparation work that was undergoing didn’t take much limelight from the media ONLY until like 2 weeks before the actual race and all things were being finalised?

I feel that the local media did not play up the event as much as I had hoped. As the preliminary race has just ended, I still am clueless as to how F1 really functions as a ‘league’? I definitely know quite a bit more about the EPL as compared to an average female because of the Sports section that devotes weekend and daily sections to reporting about the EPL, Champions League, Soccer Players and their transfers etc.

BUT F1??


Frankly, I think I only got hold of the star Lewis Hamilton and it’s probably cos he’s the ambassador for Tag Heuer and I’ve seen posters of him around.

Oh well, I guess, it’s still not too late to catch the F1 fever, considering that it’d be back next year? Haha.. In the meantime, I’ll try to catch more F1 races telecasted on TV and probably figure out who’s who in the F1 racing world.

Perhaps by next year, Singapore will then have a full-fledged F1 fan base of the entire nation. Not remain as blind followers of F1 like how we are appearing to be.

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