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How To Build Professional Relationships

March 17, 2007

Since last year, I had the chance to actually work with executives from a reknowned local bank and I must say that the experience working with them, is certainly one that I truly appreciate and learnt a lot from.

Mainly, I got to know how to work with people who were well, in the corporate world and at the same time, to manage my working relationships with them. It’s amazing how these relationships actually take place on a different magnitude and scale of formality and seriousness.

I have taken home, several tips on how to build and maintain professional relationships with my work stint with the bank executives and here are some that I’d like to share with you.

When in a corporate/professional relationship, actually, in any relationship as a matter of fact, it is always good to make it a point to contribute to the relationship.

How do I go about it?

Well, it actually means to just offer your time, energy to the relationship and also putting in effort to establishing contacts and sharing knowledge with the people who are involved in this relationship. And you need to do it generously. Despite perhaps having a reason as to why you have entered this professional relationship, you need to learn to give to the relationship without well, any agenda or attachment to an outcome. It’s giving generously and almost selflessly.


Because your contribution shows how sincere you are in maintaining and developing the relationship that you have with them. It shows people how committed you are to developing the relationship and helps establish the trust that they will have in you.

When I talk about contribution, other than the ways mentioned about, it can also be accomplished through ways such as helping, coaching, understanding and listening to others.

Well, a relationship cannot exist if there are no mutual needs that are required to be satisfied by each party in it. It might be just to listen, give some advice, be a mentor/guide, offer a mini training – well, it varies according to the need. Hence, you will need to help at least one person in some way to satisfy a need that they might have. Some people have defined the value of contribution as meaning, “being in service to others” and is a core value in a corporate relationship.

There are actually still so many ways in which we can contribute to a relationship in. Such as providing good ideas or perhaps sharing happiness with another. Random acts of kindness such as opening a door for someone or running an errand can help establish a Moreover, providing suggestions as to improve a current situation or changing the way things are done to be more efficient or cost-productive.

By generously offering your time, expertise, and wisdom with whom you have established a working relationship with, you share with him/her your heart as well as sincerity. And to fully contribute to others, you must also be able to receive the contributions from others!

By doing so, how does it benefit me?

Well, by ‘being in service’ and contributing to others, it attracts people and abundance to you and allows good things to flow into your life. All you have to do is to show up and be fully present with people, establish a connection and build on the relationship that you have with them, hear them and respond sincerely. By doing so, you have created for yourself opportunities to work with others and to receive help from them readily which can multiply the routes towards success that you have today!

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