Here’s A Way To Surprise Your Loved One This Valentines’ Day

Wonder what’s a way to surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife this Valentines’ Day?

Forget about the traditional roses and candlelight dinner which are so cliche! Be more interesting and send him/her something that you designed and personalized!

How about an interesting PSP cover with a photo of the 2 of you embedded in it?

What about a T-shirt which was designed by you?

You can even send a piece of thong with your picture on it! HAHAHA…

Sound interesting right? It’s actually all available at my store, Juicy Gift Store.

Creation of your personalized gift is so easy!

#1 Choose A Product

#2 Upload your design, photo whatever.

#3 Specify your mailing location

#4 Wait and be surprised!

And guess what, I came up with a promotion just to make things a lot more sweeter.

Be sure to take advantage of this promotion to get a special personalized gift for your loved one! You can send your gift to anywhere in the world!

Your girlfriend’s doing exchange in England? Fret not! We do delivery to almost all the countries in the world! You can be sure that delivery will be done within 5 to 10 working days.

Time is running out! Just go on down to Juicy Gift Store today!

(p.s. I got my own bf a keychain which has our photo embedded in it. I’ll post up pictures of it soon)

(p.p.s quality is guaranteed. if not, you’ll get your money back.)

2 responses to “Here’s A Way To Surprise Your Loved One This Valentines’ Day”

  1. wisewealth Avatar

    The Juicy store looks good.

    Can I ask you?

    Do you have to stock inventory? The online stores seemed to carry a lot of products.

  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hi wisewealth,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and my store!

    Yep, we have hundred over products which can be customised! And nope, I don’t stock on inventory because well then, I’ll need to purchase a big warehouse to store them! 😀


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