Happy New Year 2008!

January 1, 2008

2007 has flown past really quickly. So quickly that I haven’t been updating my blog for the last 2 months of the year. lolz!

Things have been pretty much the same for me for the last 2 months because I was just plain busy with school work, my studies and also the exams. Moreover, I was occasionally helping Calvin and his partner in all their product launches that I just got too distracted to concentrate on my own efforts at this blog and the others.

Kanggie has been growing for the past few months even though our team has been neglecting it while we were busy preparing for the exams.

Now that 2007 is officially over, there should be a period of thanksgiving:

I thank God for the following things,

– good exam results

– love from family and friends

– success in our work and plans

– blessing us in little ways

– winning the competition

– getting to know amazing people who have helped us in more ways than one

– teaching us to place greater faith in Him

– letting us grow together as one

– and soo much more…

The year 2007 closed on a high note with me, watching fireworks exploding in the sky.

The fireworks seem to signify the new energy that exploded within me like never before. I seem to have been given a new start, a new beginning and just ready to change my life for the better.

Nobody said it’d be easy and nobody said there would be no distractions or a smooth sailing journey.

But I believe, that this year will be an awesome year ahead!

Wishing everyone a happy new year! 😀 God bless!

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