Mad Rush to Usher In Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is really the time when I feel that it’s really a NEW YEAR. Probably because it’s on a larger scale of festivities because well, almost 70% ++ of the Singaporeans here, are SURE to celebrate this occasion. It really feels more significant than the New Year that happens after 31 December 23:59:59. Weird huh?

I think it’s just a CHINESE thing. hahaha..

I forgot to wish everyone a happy new year 2009 and most of all, i didn’t share photos from my birthday! It was a wonderful birthday spent with my dearest Calvin and of course, not forgetting my mum ordering the usual Blackforest cake that i ‘oh so love’. 😀 It was definitely a blessed birthday and I really am thankful for all the friends who remembered it!!

Here are some photos from my birthday!

I suffered a bout of Stomach Flu just after my birthday.. which was a pretty bad experience that thankfully didn’t linger too long over.. But other than that, the first week or first 2 weeks actually, were great!

Now, it’s gonna get better! Cos Chinese New Year is fast approaching!  I can’t believe that the first post that I’m writing in this new year of 2009 is actually on it. I’ve been eating and snacking on all those goodies just a week before and I can already foresee the weighing scale going up (Again!) I certainly don’t wish for that to happen.. considering that I’ve already put on 5kg after my graduation. This is really BAD.

Anyway, I shopped A LOT for chinese new year.. or at least for my birthday… my dearest Darling gave me an Eeyore soft toy for my birthday which is sooo adorable!! 😀 And he even threw in another gift……… a BEAUTIFUL, i mean really beautiful COACH bag… Something that i’ve always procrastinated on buying because I’m always quite reluctant to spend $$$ on expensive bags.. But well, he did, FOR ME!

I’m really thankful to God for everyone in my life – my friends, family and boyfriend (future hubby-to-be)… hahaha.. He really is amazing, God that is.. haha.. Okok, so is Calvin.. Well, now I’ve got such a fab bag to carry around during Chinese New Year! 😀 Major happy!!!

Well, I hope that everyone will have a great Chinese New Year and holiday ahead!! It’s the time to start eating and enjoying and collecting ang baos (red packets with $$)! May everyone have a bountiful harvest! LOL!

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