Ciao! Farid’s off to Aussie-land!

*sobz* Hehe.. my good friend, Farid is going off to Australia today to further his studies. Well, he’s going to the state of Perth! Sweet serenity and wonderful state.

Farid’s been a great friend of mine in JC because he was funny and the famous slacker of my project work group (this project which is graded for entry to university). He was always batting his curly, long lashes – a pair that would make even the prettiest girl envious, trying to wriggle his way out of a project meeting or perhaps search for resources.  With that pearly smile of his and that pair of shining eyes, it’s no wonder why Shahida (group leader) always couldn’t bear to ‘scold’ him.

Well, memories are events and activities etched in my mind. The recent and last time I was going to hang out with Farid was just a couple of weeks back.



Farid, the Monkey, in blue horizontal striped tee…

And now, it has become just a memory. Now that he’s leaving, I just want to wish him allthe best in his studies and future in Aussie land..!!!
Before he goes, I just wana share with him tips that are important for one to know and do before you live/work in a foreign land! Friends going on SEP (Student Exchange Program), do take note!

1. Register with the nearest embassy, high commission2. Take the time to learn more about the country.
Make sure you are aware of:

  • Politics –> who’s who in the country
  • Social Environment –> country/ urban/ suburban?
  • Economic Situation
  • Culture and Practises –> The people, food and environment
  • Health policies and issues
  • Currency Exchange Rate –> important to determine how much you bring with you
  • History –> it’s good to know the past and present of the country!
  • People –> Find out the most common language spoken, how’s the dressing
  • Climate –> bring the necessities!

2. Read travel books to get information of places to visit

3. Bring your essential documents –> Photocopy original documents

4. Remember to apply for visa if needed!

5. Bring medications that you normally use. –> You might not find an exact medication while you’re there and finding a substitute might make things tricky.

6. Be sure of all travel and medical insurance coverages. Photocopy the necessary documents and leave a copy with your family.




7. Bring only necessary items (your laptop, camera etc.) and buy whatever you need over there (commodities).

Going to a country and living there is different from going there on a holiday. There’s a risk of suffering from culture shock. Here are tips on how you can cope with the change in environment:

  • Get involved in the local community –> learn a new sport, join a club, be friends with neighbours
  • Learn the language –> You can buy self-help guides and practise! The language barrier, once broken, can help you get around and enable you to fit in more easily. Besides, the locals will appreciate your efforts to communicate with them!
  • Explore your surroundings and travel around –>Don’t forget to be a tourist!
  • Take the time to meet other people and make some friends –> Social support yeah!
  • Be connected to your family via the internet/ phone/ snail mail.
  • Take things with you that remind you of home –> soft toys, pictures, books, CDs, books, hobbies.
  • Share with others about your home country, family
  • Always be tolerant to the differences

Well, I hope Farid’s going to all prepared for his trip to Down Under! Wishing him all the best again!

As for you my dear reader, hope you picked up a few tips too on living away from home!

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