Don’t Sacrifice Your Health For Technology! (Part 2)

Have you noticed that a lot of children these days, wear spectacles at an early age? Or that they require eye correction treatment?

Well, it’s probably because these kids are spending longer hours in front of the television and most importantly the computer. Computer games are addicting and often, they can spend long hours playing these games. Unknowingly, they are slowly damaging their eyes and soon develop a condition called Myopia.

The other part of our body that suffers when we use our computers for long hours is our eyes. Not many are aware of it but when you use the computer for long hours, you strain your eyes and the muscles in the area.

Now that you know that, prevention is better than cure and it’s better to protect our eyes from the unnecessary damage that can be caused by prolonged hours of using the computer.

Here are a few tips that you should make use of:

Firstly, don’t turn off all the lights in the room. This is a mistake that most gamers or computer users make. They think that by switching off the lights they are creating the atmosphere or they are saving electricity or they do not need the light because the light coming from the computer is bright enough. You’ll be surprised at the countless reasons that people give for switching off the lights in the room.

But you should also not use the computer in a room that is too bright. Make sure that you avoid glare by making sure that lighting in the room is not too bright. And it is good to plan where your light source is coming from. It will be good that the light source shouldn’t be directly above or behind where you sit. Have a standing lamp or perhaps a table lamp in your room to provide the adequate amount of light in the room and has the flexibility to be moved around the room.

It may seem silly but do you know that placing your computer about 1m away can help reduce the damage done to your eyes?

You should also use larger font sizes which can enable you to read with ease and also from a distance of 1m without straining your eyes unnecessarily.

Your eyes are strained when you fail to let them rest or fail to blink occasionally while staring at the computer. So what you can do is to look away and rest once every 15 minutes and/or make a conscious effort to blink or look away from your screen every few minutes.

Well, these are tips which you can not only apply when using the computer but also when doing tasks that require you to look for long hours i.e. students doing homework.

Do drop by my blog again for parts 3 & 4 of this health tips series!


3 responses to “Don’t Sacrifice Your Health For Technology! (Part 2)”

  1. Don Thieme Avatar

    Those are very helpful and welcome words of advice, Patricia Lin. Hopefully, I will start to apply them in coming months.

  2. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hi Don Thieme!

    I’m glad that you found the content in the post beneficial to you. Yep, we should all apply these tips and make them our daily habits in order not to sacrifice aspects of our health while spending long hours using the computer!

    By the way, your own blog related to geography is interesting too! Do keep blogging! Thanks for visiting and hope to see you commenting again! 🙂


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