It’s 1 Month To The Exams!

March 21, 2007

Argh… How I wish the exams aren’t around the corner and didn’t come! In fact, I wish they never existed! Hahaha…

As the time keeps ticking away and as more work seems to just pile onto my desk… and my laptop is just lagging away.. I need to keep focused!

It’s amazing how when things just blow you away, you start to falter – lose focus, lose direction and lose hope. It’s important that a person must always know where he/she is heading and know what he/she wants!

Most importantly, don’t ever doubt what you’re capable of! Sometimes, even when things don’t go the way you want, always have hope that things may turn out better at the end!

Before I head back to typing my articles for submission… *something’s up my sleeve*, report for my Personality and Individual Differences module, prepare the slides for my presentation this and next friday and well, here’s a video that I’ll like to share with you… this should tickle your bones..!!!

Check it out at :

No matter how stressful life is, always take time to give yourself a break! But do remember to plan what to do after the break! So as to remain productive and on the go! Let the break recharge you and don’t feel guilty about it!

Well, keep this in mind: A break is a 15minutes pause in the long journey that you’re taking!

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