Time To Get Started!

But anyhow, I don’t think I have the choice and will have to get through the tests and projects that are all starting to be due…  Exams are fast approaching too… So what do i have to do.. I need to start studying! 😛

But how do I get started? (By the way, feel free to implement these if you want to!!!)

• Write a To Do list every morning and sticking it somewhere prominent.

>> Well, I’ve got the list up! It’s stuck on this noticeboard that I have on my wardrobe. Haha.. I have no choice but to see it because I have to get clothes from there and get dressed!

• Getting friends to join me in studying together. It’s more enjoyable!

>> Haha.. I’ve got no one to study with me physically… Sad case right? Never mind, I shall find a study group to join! But at least, I’ve got company online! There’s people like Calvin, Peichun… Haha.. Not too bad la..

• Write a rewards list–> Compilation of things to do after completing the assignment

>> Let me see.. there’s shopping, my workshop, watching movie/tv, blogging!!! Wee… sounds exciting already!!!

• Come up with a day schedule

>> Today, I had a meeting at 9am. I had lecture from 10 to 12pm. Lunch’s at 12pm till 1pm and after which, I had PL3241 tutorial. After tutorial, it’s home sweet home!!! But… it’s time to start studying again after entering this blog.

• Repeatedly NAG at yourself to get started on studying..

>> I think I’ve got enough people to nag me already! But I always will take action only after I force and nag myself to do the things that I’m supposed to do. Maybe I shouldn’t nag… but tell myself in a nice way. Well, that should get me started on studying and putting in effort! Hope it’d work for me! And perhaps, for you too!!! Hee..

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