Don’t Sacrifice Your Health For Technology! (Part 1)

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the computer this holidays because I need to manage my internet business and IMOVATORS LLP’s matters as well as keeping in touch with so many people online!

While using the computer, it is inevitable for me to play music from my favourite German Radio Station, HR YOU FM, to alleviate the loneliness of staring at a screen all day and to just listen to the latest german and english tracks.

Moreover, I watch loads of videos online too. From YOUtube to those from an online program. But I realised that I may have been unknowingly damaging my ears with my ear phones high in volume when my father commented to me that he could hear the music coming out from my earphones when he’s sitting rather far away from me!

I’ve been damaging my ears! Are you doing it too? Are you playing your music so loud that others in a room can hear exactly what you are listening too? Are you playing your music for long hours while you’re on the computer or when you are out on the roads? Are you always plugged into your MP3 player?

If you are,  you better start changing your habits and picking these up!!!

1. Turn Down the Volume!

>> You need to protect your ears and eardrums by listening to music at a volume that is not too loud. How do you gauge that? Well, you need to be able to hear what someone is saying while still having music playing from your ear phones. Or when someone can hear your music blaring out of your earphones, you know that IT’S TOO LOUD!!!

2. Listen to music continuously for not more than 4 hours!

>> You need to protect your ears and rest them. So limit yourself to listening music to a maximum of 3-4 hours!

3. Test Your Ears

>> It’s good to have your ears checked at least once a year to make sure that they are in good condition and are not subjected to any form of damage through listening to music.

4. Refrain from listening to Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal music

>> That’s because these sort of music strain the ears and subject them to discomfort. Try to listen to soft classics and easy-to-listen music, which also soothe your nerves.

5. Play your music through speakers instead

>> If you can play music through your speakers instead of listening to them through your earphones, that will be preferred because you won’t be subjecting your ears to unnecessary pain.

Well, there you have it! Tips on caring for your ears while you are working on your computer and listening to music or watching videos online like I do. It’s good to watch out health while performing our daily tasks and it’s good to start today! 🙂

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