I Need to Combat Spam Comments!!

Spam as in the rubbish sort of comments and emails that you get and not the oh-so-delicious meat that comes in a can.

Recently, my blog has been plagued with dozens of spam comments a day and now, there’s more. There are so many spam trackbacks as well which I have to waste time deleting from my blog each day. I’ve been rather irritated with the overwhelming number of spam comments that I’m getting, given that their content is nonsensical and largely to do with porn.

I’ve been always relying on Akismet and its WordPress plugin to detect and remove spam from my blog but sometimes, there are those really sneaky and stubborn ones that manage to go pass the filter! How irritating!!

Well, I did a google search because I know that I’m definitely not the only person who’s suffering from the effects of spam and came across WordPress’ page on how to combat comment spam! Finally!!

I just implemented some of their suggestions and I hope they work! Good to check the page out if you have a blog too! 🙂

Anyway, don’t let spam spoil/stop your blogging!

2 responses to “I Need to Combat Spam Comments!!”

  1. Caro Avatar

    I’m sure there is ways to overcome this…
    Maybe having a blog where people need to sign-up and confirm their sign-up before they live a comment?!!!

    Just a thought…



  2. Patricia Avatar

    Hey Caro,

    Yeah, i managed to find a tip on WordPress to help to combat the spam comments and that is to manually approve comments!

    Haha.. I find it quite useful but i still haven’t combat spam trackbacks. WAHHHHH 🙁

    Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment about it, Caro!

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