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Caught The Bounty Hunter at Cineleisure!

April 24, 2010

Sometimes, we all need a break at the end of the week. So Calvin and I went down to Cathay Cineleisure to watch The Bounty Hunter last night! 😀

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We sat at the 2nd row because it was a last minute decision to catch the movie and well, thankfully sitting in the 2nd row from the front at Cathay wasn’t that bad. 🙂 The movie was really cute! I loved the chemistry between Gerard Butler and Jen Aniston. They make such a cute couple. But I must say the plot really was predictable and throughout the movie, I was just spoiling it for Calvin cos i was just literally predicting the plot to him. 😛

B- for the plot.

But definitely A* for the acting. Jennifer Aniston hasn’t lost her comedic touch since Friends. Totally loved her facial expressions, which say a thousand words. Gerard Butler played his macho, gambling addict-cum-ex-police officer character well. Surprisingly no irish accent from How To Train Your Dragon. hahaha.. He reminds me a lot of Russell Crowe but he can definitely do love comedies better.


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Need I say more that she looked hawt in the same simple get up she was in for 3/4 of the movie??  Love the hair. 😀 Oh gosh, that was something I felt was such a pity! I only saw her in 1 outfit and 1 grandmother dress. Haha.. well, that’s simply cos.. the movie’s plot takes place in over 48hours. Not that we usually wear 3 outfits in a day do we?

Overall, movie’s a good date movie. A feel-good movie that tells you sometimes, at the end of the day, love is mysterious and comes back around even when you both missed it the first time.


On the sideline: Can’t wait to catch Sex in The City 2!!! Just saw a sneak peek trailer. SJP is my ultimate fashion icon/role model!  I really can’t wait to see the clothes she and the girls are going to wear in the movie! Yeah~!


Catch The Proposal Because It’s Super Funny!

September 2, 2009

Calvin and I always try to catch a movie on a weekend or weekday night to destress and we decided to catch The Proposal! It’s been a long time since Sandra Bullock starred in a comedy other than Miss Congeniality so I was looking forward to seeing this film for the longest time!

And I must say the movie was really really funny! Although I thought that the plot was a little unrealistic cos you are marrying someone whom you have hated for 3 years and loved for 3 days. Oh come on, how on earth is that logically possible? Unless it’s by God’s divine intervention. Haha..

I was actually quite surprised that Ryan Reynolds really did his role pretty well! I thought he was charming unlike all the other movies he has done before. This has got to be his best performance – main lead anyway.

Sandra Bullock’s wardrobe was simply amazing! I loved the black smart suit that she adorned. I love black power suits because they exude a sense of elegance and power. I like. 😛 But it’s so sad that she’s called ‘Poisonous Snake’, ‘Bitch’ etc. in the office (in the movie that is). But i guess, in a real office, people do say such stuff. 🙁 I certainly hope none of my employees have that kind of nickname for me. Haha..

Acting by Sandra’s the same – great. She’s just so into her character and she really depicted the modern day woman – powerful, authoritative, rich yet materialistic. The ‘family’ theme was certainly a heartwarming aspect of the movie or else, it will just be lame-o humour about a boss and her employee having to get hitched and her employee does so out of a promotion agreement.

Overall, the movie had its moments where you just can’t stop laughing. Well, I shouldn’t spoil the movie for you! So basically, go catch it while it’s still in the cinemas because you won’t want to miss out on this comedy!

If you have already watched it, let me know what you think of it!

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Does the Devil Really Wear Prada?

April 12, 2009

I just finished watching The Devil Wears Prada shown on TV and I must say, it had a rather predictable plot. The movie circles around materialism, fashion, the high fashion world, riches, brands, office politics etc. It was basically, “if you dig the high fashion world, you’re on your way to the dark side”.

Frankly, i don’t think there’s much wrong with giving high regard to material things. You can look at it in 2 different ways – Material things can either push you harder to achieve financial abundance (and be able to afford that nice car, that big house, that branded bag) or it can make you a slave to society and consumerism.

It’s just a choice you have to make. Whether you are going to become a slave to material things, always seeking to have the most fashionable items at the expense of your savings etc. or whether you will let them be goals to which you strive to achieve. It’s all about the reframing of how you look at it.

Now, do you think that the devil wears Prada? Well, i think if he does, it’s practically a waste on him. Haha.. But actually, I myself do not have an answer.

Well, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Valentino, Balenciaga etc. are just labels to things of high market value. The Devil can choose to wear Prada or any other brand, but we can choose not to follow him just like what Andie did in the end. I’m not saying that you do not choose to purchase branded goods and material things. But like I said, if it becomes an obsession where you become enslaved to material things at the expense of your savings, loved ones and family, then you better rethink whether you are actually following the devil in Prada.

However, if you are the person who is wise in your purchasing decisions and know that you are not just indulging in it for it to be a ticket to the high society, then give yourself a pat on the back and know that you are not at the mercy of devil in Prada.

Okay, back to the movie, on the whole it was a meaningful movie which depicts the transition from student life to working life, which I think iis about company culture, being seen as ‘trendy’ by your colleagues, office politics etc. So if you just want to catch a glimpse of how working life is, amongst gossipy colleagues, colleagues who give high regard to branded materials etc., this will be a movie for you to catch!

With that, i’ll end off this post. Have a gd week ahead!


I didn’t regret spending 2++ hours watching F1!

September 28, 2008

You know I thought that to appreciate F1, you need to be a F1 fan and in fact, I thought that you should watch it only when you know the Grand Prix and how it works.

But hey~ I realised I was wrong.

Frankly, I think that tonight’s night race was darn exciting! Even though, I actually felt watching them go round and round the race track boring but frankly, thanks to the camera crew and the amazing ability to actually view the action from the racing cars, they kept me glued to my TV tonight.

I was a little disappointed that Ferrari ‘crashed out’ of the competition when they actually started well with being First Pole (am i right to use that term?).. haha.. Oh well, at least Lewis Hamilton (remember I said, he was the only one i knew as a F1 driver) finished in 3rd position and Mclaren Mercedes actually lead the Constructors table! My my.. the things you learn from watching a 2 hour ++ live commentatory and racing action.

I think that the action was superb and racing has totally taken a whole new meaning for me. I used to think racing = daytona. Now, it’s racing = F1. hahaha.. Daytona step aside, I actually prefer the real life action. EVEN THOUGH, i’m not the one behind the steering wheel.

It’s amazing how these 3 days have gone past and how the night race has ended. Just when I was getting warmed up for the excitement and enthusiasm.

I must say that, F1 brought life to our boring and restless nation. Gone are the days of mindless, brainless evenings of shopping, eating and shopping and eating (sounds like the HK commercial ya?). We’ve got F1 to add to our list of entertaining things to do in Singapore.

Do I regret not buying the tickets to watch F1 this year?

Kinda. I feel that I missed out on the action.

Will I go to watch it next year?

You bet.

So till next year then! Adios for now, F1! 😀


Have you ever felt like you had ‘No Air’? I have.

July 16, 2008

Well, I never knew what having ‘No Air’ was like until I heard the song by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. It’s a song that’s been out for quite some time (I’m a quite a music buff btw :P). The song ‘No Air’ didn’t strike much with me because I knew it was just another catchy song that had well, Jordin Sparks (Previous American Idol winner) and Chris Brown (famous R&B/Hiphop singer). But things changed when I read the lyrics.

Here’s a video of the song for you if you haven’t heard it before or if well, you wanna listen to it. 😛

[ev type=”youtube” data=”8u0iuCqIbbM”][/ev]
And here are the really meaningful lyrics!

All I want to say is, when you love someone soo deeply.. he/she is equal to the air you breathe. That when he/she is absent, you feel soo breathless and good as dead.

I witnessed this when my grandmother who was senile, when my grandfather’s passing sank in.. she quickly just lapse into ‘No Air’ phase and passed away less than a year from my grandfather’s..

As for me, my air is my dearest Calvin.. that keeps me alive and pushing and i hope he does so for the rest of my life.. 🙂