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How To Cure A Stiff Neck (From My Personal Experience)

April 20, 2010

Ok… So.. I may have slept in the same awkward position for the whole night but that doesn’t mean that I wanted to!

Really hate those days when I wake up and say, “uh-oh, STIFF NECK!” and today just had to be that sort of day. I woke up and when I turned my head to one side, that excruciating pain really made me tear. It didn’t occur to me that THAT PAIN was going to be even worse when I was checking my blind spot when changing lanes. It didn’t even register in my head that it’s going to be painful, until well I turned my head to check my blind spot.

Goodness and the whole day sitting in front of the computer at my desk, couldn’t have made it worse.

Well when I just couldn’t take it, guess what, I googled for a solution and look what I found.


I immediately jumped to step 3 cos.. I didn’t think it was that bad that I needed to see a doc for it.

So I went to the Pharmacy and she recommended me Kenhancer Plaster which I applied, only to find that it wasn’t hot at all -like it didn’t help much. But i just beared with it for the whole day, until I got to the supermarket to get both Ammeltz Yoko Yoko and Salon Pas. Hahaha.. Calvin was a major darling who wanted me to buy both just in case either one was as useless as the very first one i got from the Pharmacy.

I haven’t used Β Ammeltz Yoko Yoko and Salon Pas since the days of playing basketball back in high school/JC for muscle aches and joints. So I pretty much forgot how it felt to use it. Now, back to my story, I decided to use Salon Pas because it’s apparently more effective. Β And let me tell you this, Salon Pas is DEFINITELY A KILLER. Within seconds (literally seconds), the heat hit right through into my skin, nerves, joints and what have you, and I immediately felt pain and relief at the same time. How ironic. But it was MAJOR SHIOK (meaning comfortable in dialect).

Goodness, it’s either the heat that made me forget about my pain or it just really is effective. (Which I’ll let you know tomorrow) haha.

So how to cure a stiff neck?


This is not an advertorial but really from my own experience. haha..

If you’ve got a better solution, let me know too! Just in case Salon Pas loses its effectiveness tomorrow. :p


Lastly, something totally unrelated which I found on Facebook:


Anyone who is looking to adopt a dog soon.. do think of adopting one of the 75. I wish I can but I can’t.. cos I don’t have a proper place to rear one. So, yep, if you are a dog lover, do take note of the details if you are interested. πŸ™‚


It’s Weird That I’m Blogging Again…

April 20, 2010

I’ve really taken a long break from blogging at, simply because I just don’t have time to. Blogging on my personal life has also become a little weird because I realized that there are increasingly more people/strangers (Nobody’s a stranger now with the internet) who are reading my blog on my personal/business life.

Also, there’s ONE main reason. Because I didn’t know what to talk about in this blog. I felt that I gradually lost sight of the reason why I have this blog in the first place. Was it to just talk about IM stuff or was it a way of updating my friends about what is happening in my life?

At the end of the day, I realized that is really for me to share my personal life story (which comprises of life, love and of course my business). Which sparked me to even change everything on my blog. To make it more personal. More of me. πŸ™‚

I just wish i have more time to update this blog.

Boils down to Time Management at the end of the day.

Before I sign out from here, just a couple of updates to everyone on how I’m doing: (with regards to common questions I’m getting from people):

– Yes, I have graduated (like in 2008??)
– No, I do not have a job.
– But Yes, I am still running my online/internet business with my boyfriend.
– No, we are not married.
-Yes, I am still attached to that same boyfriend (together for 4 years now. :P)
– Yes we do have plans to get married one day.
– No, I’m not working from home now.
-Yes, cos I got an office in the CBD district.
– Yes, we finally got the car. πŸ˜€
– No, it’s not a second-hand. it’s a new 2010 Mazda 3..
– Yes, thank God we got it before the ridiculous COE hike.

That pretty much sums it all.

Haha.. I will post up blog posts answering questions that people have for me on a daily basis. But that’s pretty much it.
Do check out this space for more from me!


Blessed 2010 Awaits Us!

January 2, 2010

It’s the first day of the new year! And it’s definitely great to have it off to a good start! My New Year celebrations were quiet, spending good quality time with friends at my friend’s art studio near Portsdown Road. Just chilling and chit-chatting about our wishes for the new year was a great way to welcome the new year. So what did you do?

Calvin and I had a late brunch at Hotpot Culture, Marina Square which was a last minute decision because we couldn’t really decide where to eat. It was our first meal of the year and I won’t say it was great but it was alright. Really full from that one meal for the entire day!

I finally went to watch Avatar 3D with Calvin and we had to sit in the first row of the cinema cos it was full house! But it was alright because we were at GV Marina, which I have to say is one of my preferred cinemas. The movie was great and thrilling! Haha.. I’m a person who is easily jotted to surprise or to tears in a movie. So, perhaps thrilling isn’t the general term used to describe the movie. But it is to me!

2010 has gone off to a great start and I can just feel that more great stuff is coming our way! πŸ™‚ Call me thinking positively or just plain over-enthusiastic about the new year, but I sure am looking forward to this year which is already set for amazing things!

A couple of events that I’m looking forward to are:

– My cousins’ weddings (Eunice, Shawn & Ken)
– Travelling! (With a possible trip to the U.S.A.)
– Product Launches (2009 was a great year for my own personal IM endeavours and I’m looking forward to a more eventful year into the business)

I have already committed the year to the Lord and I know He is going to prepare me for what’s ahead. To a blessed year ahead!


My Decade at A Glance.. (2000-2009)

December 29, 2009

It’s all too nostalgic yet fresh in both heart and mind.

AI was a blast cos of the friends that I had and whom have stuck with me for all these years and they have been a constant pillar of support for all these years. I know I wasn’t the best student in the school, neither was I the most popular, but I had the friends who made me feel like the whole world. And to this day, I’m thankful for their presence in my life, especially Shivaranjani (if not for you, i won’t have gotten through basketball!) and Peiling & Huai Yu (if not for u both, lessons would have sucked big time).

I learnt a lot of lessons then and one of them being, it’s possible to be who I wanted to be. Leaving secondary school forced me out of my comfort zone to start working towards becoming my ideal self (which perhaps sparked my incredulous change in attitude & life).

Thank God.

I would say my JC days were awesome. πŸ˜› Running around showering people with water from my water bottle, skipping econs class and ‘listening’ in Mrs. Kwang’s maths class (haha.. those were just fun moments). Who can forget the occasional ‘Sorab’ moments which Shiva till this day will never forget. With friends like my CTG 210, who have stuck together through thick and thin and where we shared a common loss in our dear friend Suresh, it just made me realize how valuable friendship is and how precious life is.

I got into NUS, just in time to let my granddad know. He was the one who challenged me all my life to work hard to get into Uni, which I did for him. But i lost my granddad 2 months later – it was a real turning point in my life and made me realize that life doesn’t wait for you to try to accomplish the things you want to do. It made me value family more too.

I scored my driving license at my first try in that same very year. (Is that amazing or what!?) I remember being so joyous yet disappointed that my grandfather wasn’t around to share the moment with me. But I knew he was proud.

NUS had to be the most spankin’ great time in ever! I would say I am Proud To Be An ALUMNUS! I loved NUS to bits. Shiva can attest to that. I was like every lame freshman, eager to attend every single camp, explore every single part and just soak up varsity life. Goodness, I was your typical freshman! (Well, at least I dare admit that.) Life was great. I made loads of great friends who have just made NUS life even more fantastic.

That was where I met Calvin too.

My grandma’s passing followed within a year of my granddad’s and it was sort of a closure to me. I felt as though my duty as a grandchild had been fulfilled and I had their blessings to continue the rest of my life without them. Calvin was a gem during this period and I always felt that he had a purpose – to carry on walking with me through my life journey after my grandparents have left off.

And then the magical thing called ‘falling in love’ took place.

NUS came and happened. In between, God had other plans for me and set me off on this entrepreneurial route that I am on. Looking back, I would still say it was a choice sparked from complete faith and I will say that it wasn’t easy from the start and it’s only through God’s will that everything fell into place.

So I thank God every single day.

We registered a partnership before graduation and after graduation, we have made it through 1 year of working from home full time, against all odds. And in this year, we moved into our new office near CBD area and we officially registered our PTE. LTD. company.

Our baby car, Mazda 3 is the latest addition to “our family” and every single day, we only have God to thank for He brought about all good things that happened in our life. We thank Him for the times where we needed to rely on him for emotional and physical strength but we also rejoice in Him for the times where He showered us with love, grace and blessings.

My parents have been my stronghold through this decade with Calvin joining them for the last 3-4 years. God bless them all for being my pillar of strength. May the next decade be filled with all great things for them.

My friends have been my social and peer support all these while. Without them, along the way, studies, CCA, commitments would have weighed heavily. But they have been such jewels in my life. God bless them for being around all the time. May the next decade be filled with doors of opportunities for them in the areas of work, life and family.

My other family members (wherever they are) who have always showed their support and care for me. Thank God for you all and may the next decade be showered with wonderful things for you and your families.

Thank you everyone who have made this decade possible.

What’s ahead in the next ten years?


So, may we all look forward to the next decade with hope, love, peace and joy in our hearts, ready to seize the day! πŸ˜€

God bless and Happy New Year!


His Glory Appears

September 14, 2009

His Glory Appears

You gave me hope
You made me whole
At the cross
You took my place
You showed me grace
At the cross where You died for me

And His glory appears
Like the light from the sun
Age to age He shines
Look to the skies
Hear the angels cry
Singing Holy is the Lord


“You gave me hope
You made me whole
At the cross
You took my place
You showed me grace
At the cross where You died for me”
Thank you, Jesus.