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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10, 2010

I know I’m a day late but hey, everyday’s supposed to be Mother’s Day!

So how did you spend yours?

I celebrated by spending time with my mum at home and she took time to prepare a sumptuous brunch and dinner for the family. Nope, we didn’t go out to some fancy restaurant for dinner (though I secretly wish we did cos my folks need some pampering.. haha..) It was knowing that mother’s day shouldn’t be just ONE DAY of hugs and kisses but a lifetime of them.

My mum’s a superwoman in my eyes simply because I know how hard she works and I have always made it a point not to make her and my dad worry unnecessarily about me when I was growing up. Though I did have my errant ways, they were not to the point of causing panic for them. Haha.. My mum is very capable and is very helpful towards others (sometimes too helpful) and she has taught me a lot of lessons during the course of my life.

My mum. Always a loving figure in my life. Though she may be quite naggy and sometimes eccentric (Haha..), she makes a great mother to me. Thanks Mummy! Love you loads!


TGIF and a Great Dinner Date At Kuishin Bo!

May 8, 2010

From where I left off in my previous post.. the beginning of this post is a tribute to my favourite local fashion ‘icon’:
Michelle Chia

[Credits to]

Michelle Chia’ style has always been va-va-voom! And I really like it. She’s got the bod and the looks (which makes her a very blessed woman!) I met her in person once at Citylink Mall.. and she looks incredible in person. Her physique is really good and I really think her style’s timeless. Love the burberry outfit that she wore!

Well, enough of gushing about her.




Thank God it’s Friday. Like seriously.

These past few days have been a really mad rush and I’ve got like a gazillion things on my mind which are running day in day out of my mind. And though busy is good, late nights have been wearing me out especially for the past 2 days. Calvin said my face literally looked like someone owed me a million dollars!  Haha..

But well, my dearest Calvin knew how hard I have worked for this week.. so he brought me to Great World City’s Kuishin Bo! It was yummy-licious and we certainly tried our best to try every single thing! But goodness, the variety is just too much and we only ate our favourites which is sashimi (and loads of it!), kaminabe beef  (hokkien people, it’s a soup not some vulgarity. haha), the western-japanese fusion type of sushi, teppanyaki and DESSERT!

The funny thing is.. everyone was piling up their plates with the huge pieces of crab and I just had one cos i really didn’t know how to take the meat out. And i ended up with more flatten crab shells.

I didn’t take many photos because Calvin doesn’t like to take photos when he’s eating. hahaha..

Oh well, overall it was a well deserved treat. >.<

Sunday’s mummy’s day! 😀 But I haven’t planned anything yet. Oh well..  I guess what’s most important is that I shower her with love every single day.. hehe.. I got to bear that more in mind.

Well, folks! have a good mummy’s day weekend with your mums! I’m off to bed! Finally before 2am. haha.. It’s a great weekend ahead! I can feel it! Have fun everyone!


I had a friend who asked me, “How do you and Calvin maintain your relationship? You guys are still so loving!”  It takes a lot of effort and Pastor Prince once shared this that really stuck with me for a long time. Let it be your prayer that you love your partner the way God loves him/her. Unconditional, ever faithful. 🙂 We have our squabbles and arguments, but I guess at the end of the day, knowing why you are together in the first place, makes it a lot easier. Hee!


Outlook for the Week..

April 26, 2010

Did you catch Star Awards??

I totally digged Michelle Chia’s outfits for the night. She’s sooo oozing with class! I really was happy that she got into Top 10 most popular artistes. Same goes for Dennis Chew Chong Qing and I find it so cute that he actually almost bursted into tears!

Before I head off to bed.. here’s a brief outlook of the week that I’m about to have…

Launch special autoblog offer to subscribers (My dearest subscribers, do look out for that!)
Instant Traffic Creation traffic services team management! (That takes up most of my day already! ;)) Check out our awesome backlink creation services that will blow EVERY SINGLE MARKETER away!
It will definitely make marketers who have been slogging days and nights just trying to improve their search engine rankings by building backlinks cry because my team is able to do the things that they take ages to do! 😉

Work as usual 😀
Going to release 5 sites for sale again! Do keep a lookout for them!

Work. (Wednesdays are busy days for us. Then again, which days aren’t??)

Meet up with our NLP Master Trainer, Stuart Tan.. 🙂 This guy is definitely a guru when it comes to NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming). Stuart has been a real gem during the 14 week training that we had with him via GoToMeeting. I have to say that he is one of the most spontaneous and eloquent trainer I have ever met. I kind of realized why he ‘appeals’ to so many internet marketing students. His ability to communicate is commendable and I definitely hope to be as cool as him in that aspect one day.

Meet up with friends from NUS – Anu, Maymay, Hamsa, Shiva and Darren! It’s going to be another catch up night with friends over dinner. I haven’t seen these people in 2 years! (except Shiva that is..:P) Heading down to Arab Street.. exotic~~

Labour Day. HAHA.. On a saturday??? I can hear those office folks groaning that it falls on a weekend and not a friday or a monday. Oh well.. 🙂 It’s still a day to just chill and relax!


Caught The Bounty Hunter at Cineleisure!

April 24, 2010

Sometimes, we all need a break at the end of the week. So Calvin and I went down to Cathay Cineleisure to watch The Bounty Hunter last night! 😀

[Credits to:]

We sat at the 2nd row because it was a last minute decision to catch the movie and well, thankfully sitting in the 2nd row from the front at Cathay wasn’t that bad. 🙂 The movie was really cute! I loved the chemistry between Gerard Butler and Jen Aniston. They make such a cute couple. But I must say the plot really was predictable and throughout the movie, I was just spoiling it for Calvin cos i was just literally predicting the plot to him. 😛

B- for the plot.

But definitely A* for the acting. Jennifer Aniston hasn’t lost her comedic touch since Friends. Totally loved her facial expressions, which say a thousand words. Gerard Butler played his macho, gambling addict-cum-ex-police officer character well. Surprisingly no irish accent from How To Train Your Dragon. hahaha.. He reminds me a lot of Russell Crowe but he can definitely do love comedies better.


[Credits to:]

Need I say more that she looked hawt in the same simple get up she was in for 3/4 of the movie??  Love the hair. 😀 Oh gosh, that was something I felt was such a pity! I only saw her in 1 outfit and 1 grandmother dress. Haha.. well, that’s simply cos.. the movie’s plot takes place in over 48hours. Not that we usually wear 3 outfits in a day do we?

Overall, movie’s a good date movie. A feel-good movie that tells you sometimes, at the end of the day, love is mysterious and comes back around even when you both missed it the first time.


On the sideline: Can’t wait to catch Sex in The City 2!!! Just saw a sneak peek trailer. SJP is my ultimate fashion icon/role model!  I really can’t wait to see the clothes she and the girls are going to wear in the movie! Yeah~!



April 21, 2010

I am frustrated by a few things today and it doesn’t help that I can’t seem to do anything about it.

– People are not communicating properly with me.

– I am constantly having to chase for work to be completed/submitted. People, BE MORE RESPONSIBLE for your work please.

– I’ve got a lot of things to remember and everything’s all at the back of my head, springing forth when it’s too late.

– I am trying to get organized. Writing down on paper seems to help. But I can’ t help being frustrated at how poor my memory seems to be. Did I zap my brain power back in school??