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The Key To Success is Named Action

January 31, 2008

My favourite food is French Fries or actually, anything to do with potatoes. I love potato soup, potato chips, potato wedges, baked potato, grilled potato, mashed potato, fried potato etc. etc. and well, french fries is my weakness and a disaster to my diet.

So anyway, I’ve always talked to Calvin about random business ideas that I have especially in the F&B industry. And one of them which I mentioned to him some time back included opening a french fries stand that sells pipin’ hot fries at affordable costs and the unique selling point of the stall would be to provide french fries drenched in different types of sauces. I even thought of some – curry, salsa, 4 cheeses, sour cream and onions etc. I told him how I’d want to package it. It’d be like a hotdog stand and fries will be served in cones in bright colours.

I described it with such visualization that I even felt that I’d really want to do it. Calvin knew that’s a cool concept but felt that it might not be as practical as it sounded. But oh well, for me that was just an idea.

But recently, this idea became reality. Not that I set up such a stall, but someone else did. Someone else took the initiative and action to bring this idea to reality! Check it out here! This just goes to show that many people have similar ideas and plans in their lives but some people take action while some don’t. Now, I fully understood every single element of the importance of taking action.

Success is not served on a platter. You may dream and have many ideas that you wish will come true however, if you didn’t take action, your ideas and dreams will not even have the chance to be turned into reality. And success in your life won’t even take place.

Have you taken action today? Taken a step towards your dreams, goals and success?

I hope you have. If not, you’d better start planning and taking action!

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Positive Attitudes Lead You Closer to Success

October 8, 2007

Well, I’m touching on the topic of attitudes because I had this inspiration to do so especially after studying for a mid semester test that I had over last weekend. Though attitudes and their formations are more of a psychological aspect of study, I learnt information on Attitudes through a Marketing module that I’m taking right now. That just proves that psychological aspects of life impact greatly on theories that businesses are based on. (But well, enough of me starting on how great the study of Psychology is to Mankind!)

I’m sure everyone knows what attitudes are. Attitudes can affect your life and the way you lead it immensely. Both negative and positive attitudes have their own influences but who needs a blog post which is concentrating on negative attitudes and its negative effects!!!

So, what is a positive attitude? A positive attitude accomplishes an idealistic outlook on life. And when you have a positive attitude, you feel joyful, healthier and more energetic. There’s positive impact on your daily activities because your faith in yourself and what you can accomplish will be amplified and opportunities will start to come your way because you are more sensitive and open to them! Moreover, adopting a positive attitude can make your difficulties less significant and you will be able to handle them comfortably. 

You’d notice that people are more positive are always welcoming, radiating love and confidence and that makes people around them to feel the same way. Attitudes are in fact, contagious and the first step you can take by adopting a positive attitude towards life is to make a choice to spend your time with positive people and be ‘infected’ by them.

Soon, you’d notice that when you approach your life with a positive attitude, your body will be enveloped with a light energy which will magnetically draw people towards you and that you’ll be able to enjoy all its benefits, one being to obtain success in every facet of your life. Think that that’s too absurd? Well, your attitude destines how you approach your life, your actions, your thoughts, your behaviour, your beliefs, your values and most importantly your well-being and all these play huge roles in determining the success/failure of your work, business ventures, accomplishments and relationships.

A winner’s attitude is definitely a positive attitude and it is the principal requirement for achieving your goals in life. You need to accept yourself, have the ability to visualize your success and have the right attitude – to have a Winner’s attitude.
You’d realise that once you have approached life with a positive attitude, and believe that whatever you desire – can, and will, be achieved. Well, at least, I know it has worked out for me. 😉 (definitely, i couldn’t have accomplised everything without my saviour, Jesus.)


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How To Be Motivated For Your Success!

April 1, 2007

Gosh.. I’m really sorry for not updating regularly! I’ve been quite busy with school and with the exams nearing, I just have been neglecting YOU, my blog reader and I’m so sorry about it.

But I’ve got an interesting post today – How To Be Motivated For Your Success! While I’ve been busy with school and workshops etc, I realised that there are 4 main sources of motivation that can allow you to reaffirm your ability, recharge your drive and rejuvenate your inspiration. You will need these sources of motivation to be continue being on the pathway towards success!

1. Your Family

>>The influence of your family in your life is so great that it cannot be compared to the approval of peers and experts who may be important to your career. Most of the time, a person’s motivation comes from his family. For instance if you think about why you are working so hard to achieve success, wealth and happiness it is because you want to be able to provide for your family and for them to have what they want. “Blood is thicker than water”. Hence no matter what your family will be your core motivation for your success because they are always with you no matter what happens.

2. Your Peers

>>Your motivation comes from the recognition from your peers. Research has shown that what really motivates a person to fight for something is when he has a desire for the respect of the person who is fighting right beside him. Your peers’ recognition is so much more important than medals or other forms of public recognition because you want them to be able to respect you for what you have done and also to look up to you. By having the recognition from your peers, you’ll be more motivated to work harder and to be ahead of them. And by being ahead, it means that you’ll always work faster and harder towards your success.

3. Experts or authorities

>>You also want to gain recognition from the experts in your field. It is important to realise that a respected expert does not have to be someone who is known far and wide throughout the world – you establish the qualifications. But it is often that people whom you find impressive will be equally impressive to others. Once you’ve met such a person, or even if you have just seen them from a distance or perhaps read an article about them, stop hesitating and politely approach them and introduce yourself. Unless you happen to catch them at a particularly difficult moment, most successful people are eager to help others and to pass on what they’ve learned. In that way, you can also be as successful as them!

4. The Ability to Share Wealth, Knowledge and Wisdom

>> What motivates you is this ability to share with other people your wealth, knowledge and also wisdom. Knowing that a lot of people will benefit from what you are doing will motivate you and push you to work harder and it is this ability to allows you to gain recognition from others as well. Hence, it is a really powerful source of motivation which I believe all great leaders have.

Motivation that we receive or have involves other people, whether they are peers, mentors, family members, or simply fellows of the human race. These people in our lives serves to push us along in the rat race and in the quest for excellence, success and survival. In order to feel motivated and the need to work towards your goals, dreams and success, you need to recognise other people as your motivation and push yourself with this knowledge.

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10 Skills Needed For SUCCESS! (Part 4)

February 25, 2007

We have reached the final part of 10 Skills Needed for Success! I hope that the past few blog posts have been good and you have started applying the skills already! *Still crossing my fingers*

We’ll finish up this series with the last two skills!


Have you ever met people who tell you, “It’s impossible!” wherever you share with them your dreams or ideas. And what happens? We become automatically programmed to think our ideas are ridiculous without even bothering to share with or tell others of our dreams, ambitions and goals. And this inhibits our success!

So we need to change ourselves and switch back to even child-like naivety, from ”I can’t” to “I can” and “ It’s impossible!” to “It’s possible!”.

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10 Skills Needed For SUCCESS! (Part 3)

February 24, 2007

Heyhey.. It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m lazing around, thinking what to do before heading down to town (Orchard Rd) for the Chingay Parade (an annual carnival held after CNY)..

Well, why not continue to share with you the other skills needed for success! We stopped at Skill #5 yesterday. So, have u started implementing them??? I hope so~! *crosses fingers*


In order to achieve success, we have to learn from our mistakes and failures. But we also need to put them behind us and move on.

Success is deletion of your failures.

You need to learn from your failures, pick up the learning tips and delete them away! By deleting, I mean, not to let similar incidents from happening again!

You need to know where, why and how you went wrong. If you’re clueless, find an expert from the list you developed earlier (See SKILL#5) to tell you and guide you!

If not, be an independent learner and find out your mistakes on your own! (See SKILL#2: Gear 3)

Exercise: List down your failures and what you have learnt from the experience. Commit them to memory and exercise the correct practice. After which, cancel these failures from the list and delete them away!


Commit yourself to the outcome or your goal. Convince yourself why and how much you want the success. You need to remain undeterred despite facing obstacles. You need to make sure that you don’t give yourself excuses or exceptions!

Ask yourself, how committed are you to achieving your success?

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