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A Way to Health, Happiness and Success

January 5, 2008

Health, happiness and success have been touted as the most desirable items that a person would like to have. Who wouldn’t like to be in the best of health, happy all day and well, enjoying the success of life?

But really, what brings you health, happiness and success?

Many people, including myself previously, have always envied those people who seem to have it all in life. This envy occurs the moment we read a magazine, watch a tabloid piece of news, watch a programme on lifestyles of the rich and famous. And we often envy those who are in the entertainment industry because they seem to live the life of perfection of health, beauty and success.

But can’t we also have health, happiness and success? What creates them for us? Is it our jobs? What about material possessions?

The question is: just what makes YOU feel truly happy, content and alive?
I for sure, have been on this journey in search of ‘growth’ in these 3 aspects of life for a long time. I remember that I wanted to pursue this when I was in secondary 4 (last year of high school) where I realised that my life was heading to a point where I needed to choose a path that will lead me to these 3. Which was why I begun exercising and training myself, putting more effort and attention to myself instead of other people or circumstances.

I realise that people never get to where they want which will bring them health, happiness and success because they simply just go through life without ever taking the time to think about what it is that brings them happiness. They are just simply too busy caring about what other people think of them and of what they should do. Moreover, some people think that having lots of money will make them healthy, happy and successful, yet, once they get lots of money, they realise that something is missing.

So, what is it that will make you happy? This is something that you will need to find out for yourself.

One way for you to start moving towards health, happiness and success is through visualisation. I need you to picture yourself being healthy/ happy/ successful. Now, what are the surrounding things that contribute to the feeling of happiness? Take time to stop and observe these things and ask yourself, “Do I have them now?” 

Your answer will definitely be NO if you feel that you have not attained health, happiness or success. Hence, you will have to realise that, something needs to be changed. And that change is not necessarily bad. Sometimes, changes in our lives can bring us greater fulfillment. 

You need to take the time to create an action plan which details actions needed to change the things in your life that would bring you closer to having it all. Is it having more exercise routines, a healthier diet, more focused attention or a better management of time? 
You need to know what kind of person you are meant to be and not try to be someone you’re not. Don’t waste precious time on things that don’t really bring about lasting happiness for you.  Also know what happiness and success really means to you because only with a clear idea of what you want, can you map out the steps and changes in your life you need to take to achieve them.

Most importantly, always have a positive attitude towards change. It does not necessarily bring about inconvenience or pain. By taking time to think about changing some areas in your life that may need changing, you’ve already taken a big step towards health, happiness and success!

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Positive Attitudes Lead You Closer to Success

October 8, 2007

Well, I’m touching on the topic of attitudes because I had this inspiration to do so especially after studying for a mid semester test that I had over last weekend. Though attitudes and their formations are more of a psychological aspect of study, I learnt information on Attitudes through a Marketing module that I’m taking right now. That just proves that psychological aspects of life impact greatly on theories that businesses are based on. (But well, enough of me starting on how great the study of Psychology is to Mankind!)

I’m sure everyone knows what attitudes are. Attitudes can affect your life and the way you lead it immensely. Both negative and positive attitudes have their own influences but who needs a blog post which is concentrating on negative attitudes and its negative effects!!!

So, what is a positive attitude? A positive attitude accomplishes an idealistic outlook on life. And when you have a positive attitude, you feel joyful, healthier and more energetic. There’s positive impact on your daily activities because your faith in yourself and what you can accomplish will be amplified and opportunities will start to come your way because you are more sensitive and open to them! Moreover, adopting a positive attitude can make your difficulties less significant and you will be able to handle them comfortably. 

You’d notice that people are more positive are always welcoming, radiating love and confidence and that makes people around them to feel the same way. Attitudes are in fact, contagious and the first step you can take by adopting a positive attitude towards life is to make a choice to spend your time with positive people and be ‘infected’ by them.

Soon, you’d notice that when you approach your life with a positive attitude, your body will be enveloped with a light energy which will magnetically draw people towards you and that you’ll be able to enjoy all its benefits, one being to obtain success in every facet of your life. Think that that’s too absurd? Well, your attitude destines how you approach your life, your actions, your thoughts, your behaviour, your beliefs, your values and most importantly your well-being and all these play huge roles in determining the success/failure of your work, business ventures, accomplishments and relationships.

A winner’s attitude is definitely a positive attitude and it is the principal requirement for achieving your goals in life. You need to accept yourself, have the ability to visualize your success and have the right attitude – to have a Winner’s attitude.
You’d realise that once you have approached life with a positive attitude, and believe that whatever you desire – can, and will, be achieved. Well, at least, I know it has worked out for me. 😉 (definitely, i couldn’t have accomplised everything without my saviour, Jesus.)


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Don’t Sacrifice Your Health For Technology! (Part 4)

June 10, 2007

You might not know but our daily activities and our diet affects us too. Sometimes, because we are too engrossed in our work at the computer, we tend to forget about drinking water, eating our meals or perhaps end up snacking a lot more than usual!

Calvin and I are so guilty of it! We always do our work at the computer without taking breaks for our meals or for a drink. And what happens is that at the end of the day, we end up being dehydrated and thirsty and it’s not a good sign because it just means that your body is in an ’emergency’ state, in need of water.

So despite being busy at work in front of your computer, always remember to drink enough water each day. Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and it is always good to just place a large glass of water at your work desk so that you’ll be inclined to drink some water every 2 hours or so.

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Don’t Sacrifice Your Health For Technology! (Part 3)

June 8, 2007

Our health is extremely important to us because it can determine how we function as well as how easily susceptible we are to diseases and illnesses. Sometimes, our health status deteriorates because of the things we do and the food we eat. Well, it is most affected by our bad habits.

We spend long hours in front of the computer and just don’t move about. We snack while surfing the internet and soon are labelled as ‘Couch Potatoes’. It’s important for us to notice the bad habits that we pick up while basically just sitting around. Some of them are wrong body postures, wrong foods that we eat, wrong sitting manner etc.

So here are some tips for you to keep in mind of what you should notice when you are the computer doing work:

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Don’t Sacrifice Your Health For Technology! (Part 2)

June 6, 2007

Have you noticed that a lot of children these days, wear spectacles at an early age? Or that they require eye correction treatment?

Well, it’s probably because these kids are spending longer hours in front of the television and most importantly the computer. Computer games are addicting and often, they can spend long hours playing these games. Unknowingly, they are slowly damaging their eyes and soon develop a condition called Myopia.

The other part of our body that suffers when we use our computers for long hours is our eyes. Not many are aware of it but when you use the computer for long hours, you strain your eyes and the muscles in the area.

Now that you know that, prevention is better than cure and it’s better to protect our eyes from the unnecessary damage that can be caused by prolonged hours of using the computer.

Here are a few tips that you should make use of:

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