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Goal Setting For A More Purposeful Life

May 20, 2008

I chanced upon this article when I was searching for blog content and thought that it was a good article to really sum up how important goal setting is to guarantee not only success but also to make sure that your life has a direction which you move towards in. I have ‘italicized’ some of the main points for your easy browsing and those in parentheses are just some of my thoughts too! ūüėÄ Enjoy.


If you wanted to take a trip to somewhere and you haven’t gone to that particular place before, what is the one thing that you will probably be having ? Yes, that’s right. You will probably have a map in your hand to show you exactly how to get from where you are at to where you want to go. [You need to know your destination before you can search the map for where you want to go. Likewise, it is important for you to know the eventual outcome that you are looking for before you make plans and set your goals.] This sounds like common sense but for many people out there who have not been exposed to goal setting techniques and have no idea how to properly plan a goal, they might be just as well be walking around in a circle.

A personal goal setting process is a framework that provides you a step by step procedure from assessing where you are at right now and taking you from this current point in time to forming a plan which has tasks, timeline and milestones. It provides you a guiding line every step of the way so you can refer to it at any point on your journey to reach your goals. [How true! By setting your goals, you are developing the pit stops for your progress towards success. Moreover, if you incorporate rewards at each pit stop, you’d realise that working towards your goals is not as tedious as it seems!]

Some people who are not exposed to some of the goal setting techniques most probably think its a waste of time. To these people, a goal setting plan is nothing more then a to-do list. [OH GOSH! Have i been making my goal setting plan like a to-do list?? Haha.. seems so on my blog right? Rest assured, I have a detailed goal plan! However, sometimes, we always need perseverence to stick by them!] Moreover, they have the concept that their dreams will come true if they just have a thought in their minds. If only it was that simple. Without a plan, where would an individual know if he has been slipped on his schedule or where should he reallocate more time to readjust timelines for more difficult task.

[I think this paragraph really has summed up exactly how you will be if you don’t have your goals set!] If you want to reach a goal without a plan, you are akin to a ship in the middle of an ocean without an map or a compass. You are always trying to move in a certain direction, but you don’t know where you are and you don’t know if the direction you are moving will lead you to your destination.

With a well thought of plan, you can have the flexibility to make changes to any parts of the plan without affecting your entire journey to reach your goals. Some people may argue that having a plan restricts the individual in taking any opportunities that comes in the middle of their journey and reduces the spontaneity that comes with life. This is a false concept. [Oh yeah! Your goals set will actually make you more targeted and focused such that you will notice greater opportunities that might come your way to help you reach your outcomes sooner!] Having a good plan from a productive personal goal setting session not only contributes to you having more flexibility and freedom to cater for any unexpected surprises, you will also have less stress in thinking what your next step will be because you have taken the element of double guessing your actions out of the equation.

Time is precious [OH DEFINITELY.. It’s so precious that nothing can buy more time!] and we only have a limited amount of time on earth. Do you want to wander aimlessly or would you prefer to be laser focused on getting results and living the best life that you deserve to live. The choice is yours. [So have you made your choice? I hope so!]

Written By: Alvin Loh

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The Triangle Theory of Success! (Part 2)

April 10, 2008

In this 4 part blog series, I’m going to share with you about the Triangle Theory for Success and in the first post, I¬†briefly talked about the¬†3¬†corners of the triangle that you need to keep in¬†balance in order to help you in the attainment of¬†success.

It is very important for you to know how to¬†tap into each aspect of life and fully utilise it to help you achieve¬†the goals that you have in mind. And the first corner that I’ll be touching on in this post is the Mental aspect.

The mental aspect of the Triangle theory is targeting the optimum capacity and functioning of your mind such that you are able to control your thoughts and feelings as well as obtain and maintain your mental well-being at its very best.

Why is this so important?

Our minds control the functioning of our body, heart and spirit such that whatever we believe in, think and cognitively process and evaluate will influence our actions, behaviors, values, beliefs and spirit. We are always affected by the way our minds think. Whether we look at a situation as a failure or an opportunity, all results from the way we process the information that we have in our minds. And how we evaluate the situation may just open or close the door to our success.

In order to attain success, it is always good to model after those who have attained success in their lives. So, look at all the successful people out there – Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey¬†etc.. Frankly, if there’s a common thing about them, it is the way they think. They are always very positive and able to turn situations around whenever the circumstances call for them. Think they got their success overnight? No! They are also human beings¬†who have experienced bouts of failures but at the same time, have been able to¬†re-evaluate¬†and process information and jump at opportunities that appear¬†before them.

Successful people always occupy themselves with positive energies and do not let stress, failures and negative feedback weigh them down. This is something that I am most impressed about them. Their resilience as well as ability to reappraise negative situations and be able to change the way they react and adapt to their environments immediately, are what keeps them going on their pursuit of success.

Thus, when you enhance the mental aspect of your life, you’ll be able to rebounce back from failures, see failures as opportunities and regard threats as challenges. You will look at things differently and will think out of the box or creatively. In fact, when you are able to reappraise things differently, you might come up with fascinating ideas which can help you achieve success earlier.

So, how do you achieve that same tenure and ability? How do you enhance the mental aspect of your life?

Firstly,¬†you need to surround yourself with things that help build you as a person.¬† They can be people, working environments and even the things you read.¬†Look at the people around you – are they people who are¬†positive, optimistic and happy? Remember¬†“Birds of the same kind flock together”, hence if you feel that you are not in a group that is¬†as¬†charged and motivated as you wish it to be, this might be a factor of hindering your drive towards success.

Now, I’m not asking you to stop hanging around with the group you are currently with. I’m asking you to find people who are able to build you to become an even better person. Find a mentor or find a friend who is driven towards success as much as you are. Before you‚Äôd realise, you‚Äôll be attracting a lot of other people who are equally driven naturally to you. Those whom you associate or hang out with really can impact the way you think, feel, act and behave. So, you want to be successful? One good way will be to try hanging out with successful people.

Next, make sure that the environment you are working in allows you to function optimally in the mental aspect. Make sure that you are in an environment that is challenging you to pursue even greater results and goals. You have to be always on the go in order to keep alert of the situations and opportunities around you. If your environment is not stimulating, you might find yourself just losing all creativity, interest, ideas and dreams.

One good habit that you might like to start on is by reading inspirational books and magazines to spur your spirit. There are many in the market and in fact, there are many free ones online. Reading such books will¬†ignite your desire to achieve the best in your life and you need to make sure that you continually feed on positive and inspirational material in order to keep your dreams and goals towards success alive. Success does not always happen overnight. Sometimes you get disappointed with your progress and it’s always good to have something to trigger your drive again.

Before I forget, always remember to let your mind breathe. The mental aspect of your life not only needs to be charged but at the same time, it also needs to recharge. Find activities that enhance your mental wellbeing such as going out with friends, going for concerts, exercising etc. You will find that doing so can help you destress and be able to cope better with the demands of the work towards success. Overwhelming yourself will only serve to decrease your abilities in concentration and idea generation which might hinder you from achieving success earlier.

I hope that you have benefited from this post on the mental aspect¬†of the Triangle Theory and how it is important to enhance it to achieve success¬†and as well as the steps to do so. There’s nothing I’d like more than you actually applying it in your life and seeing the results from doing so. Like I said, success does not always happen overnight. So do be patient when adopting the ways to enhance the mental aspect because your success in doing so might take some time before you’ll begin to see the fruits of your labour. ūüôā

Remember to check back on Part 3 of the Triangle Theory! ūüėČ

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The Triangle Theory of Success! (Part 1)

March 23, 2008

I’ve been getting a lot of questions by people who say “How does (Some succcessful person) strike a balance in mental, physical and spiritual aspects of his/her¬†life?” and they go envying the life and the achievements of the person. Frankly, I’m also one of them. I always go on thinking how do people get it ALL? Not that I’m jealous of them (note that jealousy is a very negative affect), but I’m interested to model after them to get that perfect balance in my life too. Thus, I thought of the Triangle Theory for Success where in order to achieve success, there must be a balance between mental, physical and spiritual aspects of one’s life.

I like to think of our lives having a shape of a triangle where the 3 corners are the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. And each of these aspects have equal weightage of importance and should either one of them be lacking, there will be a tilt and the balancing of the triange will be affected. In order for you to be able to achieve success, you need to have all 3 corners in sync and be able to tap into the powers of each aspect to work to your advantage.

So, are the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of YOUR life in balance?

First, let me explain the 3 different aspects.

In my opinion, the mental aspect of life is being able to control your thoughts and feelings and obtaining and maintaining your mental well-being at its best.

How do you achieve that?

By¬†surrounding yourself with those things that help build you as a person and being around people who are positive, optimistic and happy. Before you’d realise, you’ll adopt a similar mentality with those whom you associate or hang out with. Then¬†start reading inspirational books and magazines to spur your spirit and ignite your desire to achieve the best in your life.

In addition, get involved in aesthetic activities such as visiting mueseums, concerts etc. and learn to take a breather from the stress of family and work and constantly recharging yourself and your energy.

Next, the physical¬†aspect of¬†our lives¬†would be to¬†lead a¬†healthy lifestyle and have a healthy body. You need to start putting in effort to eat right and healthy and start exercising regularly to make sure that your mind and body are constantly moving to prevent ‘stagnation’.

Lastly, the spiritual aspect of our lives is being able to achieve¬†spiritual balance¬†in whatever we do and¬†believe in. There’s a need to ensure that we grow as a person and spiritual growth is dependent on the individuals, meaning what works for you¬†may not work for another. Growing spiritually in depth depends on factors such as how deep your faith is, how much time are you willing to put in to¬†seek¬†knowledge in the¬†area¬†as well as your calling to your faith.

So, think about it, how much do you want to achieve success? How are you going to achieve this balance? 

Whoever told you everything is easy!¬†Remember you’ll need to put in enough time and effort in order to achieve this balance! So start working towards that today!

Now that I’ve shared with you the 3 aspects of life that are important for you to strike a balance between, in the next few posts, I will tell you how to tap into each aspect of life and fully utilise it to help you achieve¬†the goals that you have in mind. I am sure that after striking this balance and fully¬†making use of¬†your¬†talents and abilities that are uniquely yours and yours alone, you’ll be all set to achieve¬†the¬†greater things in life.

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Have You Got Your Vision Board Up?

February 3, 2008

I was watching my telly this evening and I managed to catch this chinese programme called ÁźÜŤīĘśúČśĖĻwhich shares insight about regular Singaporeans managing their finance and the ways in which they learn how to make their money grow for them.

It’s interesting because one of the interviewees was a full-time tutor and running a mini car rental service. She¬†was earning good income from tutoring and has been using the money through investing (i think)¬†to create¬†a greater income.¬†She was able to create an income that was much more than her 9-5 job and she is happy with what she is doing.

Well, I could really emphathise with her because tutoring is an occupation that I know of most clearly because I was a¬†tutor after my Junior College days right through my first year in University. Though it is the only job that I have ever had, it’s one that was very¬†fulfilling¬†because you’re helping children in their studies¬†and at the same time, it is a well-paid job.

I was able to earn like $1500 per month while studying and even had a very flexible schedule which allowed me to go shopping, study and have driving lessons regularly. So I always extrapolated that potential to if I were to do it full-time, and to me, it was good money. Which was why, when Calvin told me that Internet Marketing had the potential of creating an income much larger than that, I had my reservations of going into it.

“Why go into something I have no idea about when I’m earning good money in teaching?”

But after a year plus into IM, though difficult and tiring, I feel that my perspective of money and work has changed. I adopted concepts such as leveraging on other people’s expertise as well as, exploring new ideas and frontiers before others get there before me.

Back to the show. In the last few sections of the interview, she talked about how powerful having goals are. And in her room that they filmed, it had A4 sized pieces of paper stuck onto the wall showing her goals and strategies. I liked what she said that went something like that, “Sticking up and looking at all these papers serve as reminders to me every single day of what my goals are and what I have to do to achieve them. We forget our goals sometimes and it’s important for us to be exposed to them as much as possible so that during the day, no matter how busy we are, they are running at the back of our minds”.

How true.

I always forget what my goals are because they are either tucked away in a notebook or hidden in the folders on my laptop and PDA. Sometimes, I don’t even remember what are my action plans to achieving all that. Iit gets frustrating when some time later, someone (or actually Calvin) comes to me and says, “So what’s your progress like towards your goal?” and I have no idea how to reply him/her.

The host, Guo Liang noticed something interesting in her room. That was a picture of a house. A beautiful house and she shares that it’s a house that she wants to buy. She’s working towards her million in order to buy. It serves as yet another reminder.

What she’s doing is to create her Vision Board.

This just goes to show how powerful having a vision¬†board is – which contains all your goals and aspirations and images of what you want to achieve. Having your vision board will keep your goals alive in your mind that no matter when and where, you’ll always be doing things that will bring you nearer to them.

So, have you got your vision board up yet?

I’ve bought my board and mounted it up on the wall. However, it contains a lot of notes and scribblings of course outlines that I have put up over my university course of study. Perhaps, it’s time to revamp it.

Well, I’ll do just that and I will put up a picture of it. Mmmm… let me see. I’ll give myself a deadline of 24th February 2008.

24th Feb. You’ll see a picture of my vision board up here on my site ok? ūüėÄ

p.s.: Ewen Chia will be featured in next week’s programme on Singapore Mediacorp TV Channel 8, 9pm. It’d be good to hear about his money management and his¬†internet marketing business¬†from him. ūüôā


The Key To Success is Named Action

January 31, 2008

My favourite food is French Fries or actually, anything to do with potatoes. I love potato soup, potato chips, potato wedges, baked potato, grilled potato, mashed potato, fried potato etc. etc. and well, french fries is my weakness and a disaster to my diet.

So anyway, I’ve always¬†talked to Calvin about random business ideas that I have especially in the F&B industry.¬†And one of them which I mentioned to him some time back included opening a french fries stand that sells pipin’ hot fries at affordable costs and the unique selling point of the stall would be to provide french fries drenched in different types of sauces. I even thought of some – curry, salsa, 4 cheeses, sour cream and onions etc. I told him how I’d want to package it. It’d be like a hotdog stand and fries will be served in cones in bright colours.

I described it with such visualization that I even felt that I’d really want to do it. Calvin knew that’s a cool concept but felt that it might not be as practical as it sounded. But oh well, for me that was just an idea.

But recently, this idea became reality. Not that I set up such a stall, but someone else did. Someone else took the initiative and action to¬†bring this idea to reality! Check it out here! This just goes to show that many people have similar ideas and plans in their lives but some people take action while some don’t. Now, I fully understood every single element of the importance of taking action.

Success is not served on¬†a platter. You may dream and have many ideas that you wish will come true however, if you didn’t take action, your ideas and dreams will not even have the chance to be turned into reality. And success in your life won’t even take place.

Have you taken action today? Taken a step towards your dreams, goals and success?

I hope you have. If not, you’d better start planning and taking action!

P.S.: If you’re an internet marketer and wanting to obtain financial breakthroughs that will help you take a step closer to financial freedom, you’d probably like to take a look at this site because it could hold the key to taking your business¬†to greater heights!