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How Can Social Networking Benefit A Business!

May 9, 2007

My last post was about social networking sites and it’s great to know that such sites help people get connected and well, networking across the globe is so much easier and convenient now! People not only benefit from the ease of networking through the internet but businesses can also benefit too!

Social Networks by nature grow virally and in turn drive traffic to your website as I mentioned in the earlier post.


Because consumers join as members, invite their friends to join, view interesting reads and to grow their own online networks. Companies or businesses benefit because many more viewers know of your company website, name and brand. Your members can regularly invite their friends about the various activities to your site and this gives rise to more visitors which in turn can bring about more consumers. And the best thing is all of this online publicity, is low cost and effective.

So how does Social Networking benefit a business? Check out the list below!

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Internet Marketing, Social Networking

Friendster, FaceBook, MySpace, Hi5, FaceBox… Social Networking Frenzy!

May 8, 2007

What do those 3 websites have in common?

If the answer does not stare back at you, well, I think it’s either you haven’t been surfing the Internet for long enough. Or perhaps you have been ignorant about the countless emails that you probably have received from your friends in your inbox.

Well, for your benefit, all 3 sites are similar because they are social networking sites.

What prompted me to blog about this post? That’s coz I just received yet another invitation to join ANOTHER social networking site. I’m frankly quite tired of doing so, because the same friend that invited me, is in another social networking site that I am in too. So, what’s the point? I certainly don’t have so much time to manage the many profiles that I have at the different social networking sites! gosh.

But come to think about it, what’s the beauty of such social networking sites or what makes it work so successfully and virally in fact in the online cyberspace? It’s rather simple. The ease of letting the world know who you are just by joining, creating a profile, finding friends, adding friends and building up your own network!

It’s uses the idea of viral marketing because when a person joins the a social networking site, he/she would want his/her friends to join and hence, would send out invitations to get them to join. In order words, refer them through emails. If it becomes massive, almost everyone everywhere would have an account with the social networking site and well, the entire world is connected.

Did you know that the first social networking website was  

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