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Kanggie Widgets Are Out!

August 13, 2007

Did you notice something different on my blog today? 😀

If you haven’t noticed, well, I will presume that you are new to my blog! 😉 Anyway, there is something different and it’s the presence of 2 new additional things or widgets found on my sidebar!

We, at Kanggie have finally launched our Kanggie widgets which are a whole set of features that are found on the members’ profile. These include:

1. About – Profile information about me (The first widget that I have up).

2. Message Board – The messages fellow Kanggie members have posted on my profile page.

3. My Contacts – My friends who are on Kanggie as well (which is found under ‘My Community’ over on my sidebar)

4. My Admirers – People who have added me on Kanggie

5. My Products – Products that I have listed on the Kanggie Marketplace

6. My Images – Pictures that I have put up on Kanggie

7. My Websites – My websites which I have listed on Kanggie

8. My Uploads – Things and files I have uploaded on Kanggie

So what is happening is that, these profile panels which are found on my profile page can be replicated onto other websites that I have through the embed function.

These widgets or profile features can be easily embedded onto any site just by just following the easy 2 steps that are shown to members when they click on [*] on the top right hand corner of their profile panels! 

It’s really easy to just embed the code onto their blog, website etc. Just copy 2 codes onto your html code of your website! You can check out the widgets on our blog on our side bar!

What these widgets do is help boost exposure of Kanggie which can help members to stand a good chance in winning the Monthly Referral Contest! Moreover, members can choose whichever widget to add!

For instance, you can add ‘My Contacts’ widget onto your site to well, help your friends get exposure online with the help of your site! Add your profile widget to describe more about yourself to your blog readers etc! Personalise your website with the widgets and well, let others HOP into the fun by clicking on them!

So, do you want to have these widgets on your site? Well, hop in here!

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Internet Marketing Will Never Be The Same Again!

August 12, 2007

Hi everyone!

I would like to apologise for the lack of updates during the past month. I’ve been busy with matters pertaining to Kanggie, together with my partners, Calvin and Munir. It’s been a really hectic month with late nights for the 3 of us till the wee hours of the morning and constantly testing the site and making changes, getting feedback and testing once more.

Kanggie was supposed to be launched in July but some problems cropped up with the programming causing our launch to be delayed time and again. Till, we all decided to push back the launch and come up with a great and info-packed website! And we are really starting to see our fruits of labour surfacing with each day at Kanggie!

You might want to check out the Kanggie blog where blog updates will be posted about the site, news, announcements etc. 

Still haven’t checked out Kanggie? Gosh, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

Kanggie houses tons of internet marketing resources and so much more! Get to know people who are interested in making money online! Got something to sell? Sell it on Kanggie Marketplace! Whatever products you may have that you want to sell, list it on the Marketplace and earn! Earn lifetime commissions whenever people join the site and spend on it too!

Go down to Kanggie to find out more! Plus, membership’s free! 😉 You have nothing to lose! So..  I’LL SEE YOU THERE! 😀

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Have You Read My Paper’s Report On Affiliate Marketing ?

July 17, 2007

my paper <<我抄>> is Singapore’s first free chinese newspaper designed for bilingual, young adults and MY PAPER aims to present the latest issues in town and around the World. One of their reporters, Yiting, noticed a trend and so, today’s issue, 170707, covers on AFFILIATE MARKETING! This issue covering on Affiliate Marketing, is really special and important to both me and Calvin because we are featured and are sharing our story on Affiliate Marketing with the rest of Singapore.

Click To View The Article!

MyPaper Affiliate Marketing Issue

Yep! That’s us!!! Haha.. I got up at like 6.45am in order to be able to catch the lady who gives out the newspaper at the train station near my home. And I had to plead with her to give me extra copies so that I can share with my friends and family! 😀 It was certainly amusing when she realised that I was the girl in the cover.

In the article (which I’ll summarise for non-chinese language speaking/reading people), Calvin and I talk about affiliate marketing, the potential it holds in creating a huge passive income for us and becoming a full-time job and passion for the both of us. Moreover, in it, we also mention how affiliate marketing though simple, but has a lot of intricate details that you need to know. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, rather it requires a lot of patience, effort and time.

But the basic steps are:

First, you have to figure out what is your niche. You need to know which target market and industry you are promoting to and find products and services related to them.

Second, you need to find an affiliate program which you can promote. This can be done through searching on Google (affiliate programs+ your niche), ClickBank or CommissionJunction.

Third, you need to sign up and register as an affiliate and look at the promotional materials that they provide you.

Fourth, then promote it on your site or blog through the use of promotional materials or sending your friends and subscribers’ list a promotional email, doing a review on the product and promoting it etc.

Well, it may sound easy in 4 steps, but there are many other things that you need to take note of when doing Affiliate Marketing and basically, you can click HERE to find out more!

Affiliate Marketing is a subset of Internet Marketing, if you are wondering what’s the difference and really, it’s a great way and avenue for one to earn passive income but remember, not all programs are online scams and affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme that you can try out.

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Singaporean Internet Marketers Exposed?!

July 17, 2007

Well, when I saw my name under the list, I was surprised. In fact, I was even thinking perhaps that was the reason why I got the attention of a local newspaper. But nonetheless, I’m flattered by the attention that has been lavished on myself and also on Calvin these days by the people around us.

But anyhow, the fact is the number of people who are into internet marketing in Singapore has risen and though many would say that it would mean increasing competition for me and the industry locally, I would beg to differ. Internet Marketing is a huge industry which everyone can have a share of and I’m really glad that it’s slowly catching on amongst the youth in Singapore. And I would definitely want to meet local marketers and perhaps get to know more about what they want to do and their future plans.

For instance, one of our future plans (for myself and Calvin), we are creating products and our membership site, Kanggie which we envision to be a great internet marketing resource site for everyone and it’s going to be fun and enticing for the youths in the world to come in and join!




Okok, of course we are not only going to target the youth but ANYONE who wants to pick up internet marketing as well as anyone who has a product and service to offer to people!

As I was saying, internet marketing is picking up in Singapore and definitely, Calvin and I would want to be able to get to know as many people who are interested in this industry as possible! So do remember to just drop us an email to say hi!

Anyway, do try to get a copy of mypaper (it’s a really cool chinese newspaper publication targetting young adult Singaporeans) tomorrow at all major bus interchanges, mrt stations… and flip through and well, let me know what you see huh! 😉

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Internet Marketing Exposed!

July 16, 2007

Do you have the following in your mind whenever someone mentions Internet Marketing to you?

  • Internet Marketing is just an online scam.
  • I wonder if it is easy to make money online.
  • So risky. Don’t even know where to start from.
  • Aiya, just set up a blog and add Google Adsense ads on it lor.

Wondering what constitutes the success of Internet Millionaires?

Wonder what is Internet Marketing REALLY all about?

Wish you knew more on getting started with Internet Marketing?

Want to know the myths and facts about Internet Marketing?

Want to know exactly what to expect from Internet Marketing?



Internet Marketing Exposed!

Internet Marketing Exposed is a report that will tell you the facts about Internet Marketing, the myths that have been deluding many people about it as well as the secrets to success in making money online!

When I first started out on Internet Marketing, I had many people giving me different opinions.

My Dad: “Internet Marketing is so risky. There are so many online scams. I’d rather you get a holiday job.”

Calvin: “Seriously, Internet Marketing has the potential to create huge amounts of passive income for us!”

My Friend: “What’s so difficult about it? Just earn through Google adsense lor. But it’s also a measly few dollars a month.”

Who did I listen to in the end? Calvin

Best yet. I ‘hooked’ him as my business partner and boyfriend.

In this report of his, Calvin will share with you about Internet Marketing – what are the misconceptions that many people have and what are the things involved in getting into Internet Marketing. And he can be able to clear all your doubts just like how he did with mine and expose you to the realities pertaining to Internet Marketing. He has nailed down the concerns and perceptions that people have towards this industry and details exactly what is wrong and shows you what is right.

Anyway, it’s always good to research before you get into something. And I recommend that you read Calvin’s report for a better idea of Internet Marketing as well as read on the secrets that Gurus don’t want you to know, which he will share with you inside this report.

The best thing is……… IT’S FREE!

So, just DOWNLOAD NOW for your free report which you can easily share with and send to your friends and relatives about how the Internet can really be utilise to create a massive passive income stream for them today! 😀