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What’s The Difference Between A Blog and A Website?

September 2, 2007

Frankly, the Internet is one of the most useful tools for people to just enhance their marketability online. Be it to market their own services, products or even themselves as a friend or potential partner! The power and benefits of the Internet are slowly combining and boosting the importance of e-commerce to companies today.  

Recently, there has been a lot of queries as to what I’m actually doing online. What Internet Marketing is all about and basically, people are interested to know is it really possible to earn money online?

The answer is YES.

So how do I begin with it?

I’ll simply just say – easy way out is to start a blog. But people remain skeptical and wondering how a blog can actually be used as a profitable tool. In fact, they ask me, aren’t you suppose to set up a website instead? Blogs are for personal uses!

Well, that distinction is blurring really quickly.

Blogs are becoming the most common online communication methods of people and it reaches out to millions of others. It enhances a person’s online presence, brands an individual and affects people’s impression of a company, product or service that the blogger is promoting.

Blogs can accomplish what normal websites cannot. Blogs are 2-way communication tools that allows your blog visitors to communicate with you, the blogger through comments. The availability of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows readers to subscribe to the blog and be automatically updated when new content is added. It keeps your blog visitors in the loop of what’s happening on your blog!

Websites don’t really allow this because their basic function is just to provide information to its visitors, though now website owners are adding the RSS feeds to allow subscribers to receive updated contents.

Blogs are easy to set up and doesn’t involve the complexities of HTML or coding required when setting up a website. You don’t need to be inclined in graphics design or website design to set up a blog. Blogs are text-oriented and you can easily download blog skins which immediately give your blog your own unique design!

Interactivity online is something that really encourages a lot of people to come online and remain online. Blogs allow you to accomplish this. You can communicate and meet with new people through your blogs more easily. Websites do not really give you this flexibility because it is simply the posting of information online.

So how do you host your blog?

There are free blogging platforms that you might have already heard of such as Blogger and WordPress. You definitely can host your blog on a reliable webhost. With your webhost, you’ll be sure that all that you upload can be easily retrievable and you can upload as much stuff onto your website such as videos, images etc.

So start blogging today and find out more about monetizing your blog over HERE!


Internet Marketing

Meeting Likeminded Friends Online

September 2, 2007

I love meeting new people, establishing relationships and making new friends! It’s a passion that I have – being someone for other people. I don’t mind if it’s just an acquaintance for a couple of hours. What’s most important to me is that I can draw lessons from the person and likewise, he/she is touched by just that time knowing me.

I was reading an article by Leslie Goh on the Straits Times Digital Life (a local newpaper section) some time back and I pinned it up on my noticeboard to serve as a reminded on what I want Kanggie to be.

It’s funny how Leslie mentioned that “the digital world is made up of 2 kinds of people – those who are on a social network and those who are not”! How true is that? I think I mentioned in my earlier posts about the Social Networking Frenzy that is taking place online. So many people are either members of popular social networking sites such as MySpace, Friendster or Facebook that if you’re not in either one, well, you’re missing out on a lot online!

But I know of some people who have joined other social networking sites which may not be as popular and as viral as the above 3. These are niche social networks and one of them is LibraryThing. Niche social networking sites let you meet people who have the same interest as you do. It’s really great because you can find likeminded friends and basically let your interest be the foundation of your relationship or friendship! And I totally agree with Leslie that “There are social networks and online communities for just about anything imaginable” and “It’s a powerful thing, this sense of belonging”.

I discovered this at my very own site, Kanggie where everyone is there to just get to know people and well, to learn at the same time. Most of the people at the site have a common interest – to learn to make money online and to do so at the site! 😀 It’s amazing how people can just start a relationship and develop a friendship almost immediately with the common interest.

If you are interested to explore the site and get to know more people with the common interest, hop into Kanggie now!

Here’s something from Leslie’s article which I believe sums up perfectly: “Social network sites, then are an extension of tribal need to commune and communicate with others. And ultimately to feel a sense of kinship with those who are somewhat like you.”

Internet Marketing, Social Networking

Social Networking and Marketing

August 20, 2007

What has social networking got to do with marketing?

This is the question that I got from many friends who are close to me and know of the business venture that I recently took – Kanggie. Most find it even interesting how the idea of the social networking website actually surfaced when the 3 of us, Calvin, Munir and myself were discussing what our next possible project can be.

We actually just wanted to be a website that offered Internet Marketing resources and provide internet marketing solutions to current marketers as well as would-be marketers. However, we realised that the potential of the site is really limited. Moreover, we were going to compete with a lot of other internet marketers who have established good content blogs and were already gaining a steady readership.

We needed something new and impactful!

We were talking about how social networking has taken and revolutionalise how people look and use the internet. Looking at success stories such as Myspace, Facebook and Friendster and how they have managed to get millions onto their network. It’s a feat that is really admirable especially when some were just started by college students a few years back. And how they have evolved from just being a normal social networking website to a tool that is used greatly for marketing efforts.

Just look at Myspace. So many artistes, celebrities are all on Myspace because they know that it’s a great marketing tool for them. They can easily get their fans to join their network and rely on their fans to help them spread the message and build awareness of their profile within the social networking website. They get connected to current fans as well as convert non-fans to fans. Moreover, would-be fans will be convinced by the profile, the audio clips, the videos that are added onto the profile page and eventually join in the crowd as well. This exposure that develops virally can boost a person’s image and reputation on the internet so quickly that it’s hard to estimate by how much the network can grow over time.

Marketing is sooo linked to social networking. Why? Because marketing is all about the masses. Getting to them and spreading the message that you want them to receive. Marketing is about being where the people are and convincing them on what you have to offer. The first thing is being where people are.

Social networking website are where people are ONLINE. Shouldn’t marketing efforts be directed to where they are?

Marketing efforts don’t just stop there. There’s the need for persuasion, the need for spreading the message and you are only able to do so with promotional items such as messages, profile information, videos, ads, pictures, audio clips etc etc. Social networking sites let you do that now. There are increasingly more people who go onto social networking websites to get online exposure. It’s the fastest and easiest way to do so.

After that, what happens? Since you are marketing to a bunch of people online, you’ll need to know how to do marketing online or internet marketing. How do you do that? Well, pick up internet marketing skills such as blogging for money, affiliate marketing, traffic generation etc etc..

Have no idea how to start internet marketing? Want to see my points on how marketing and social networking proven to you? Well, all you need to do is hop into Kanggie.

Kanggie houses internet marketing resources which you can utilise to help you quickly pick up knowledge and skills on internet marketing. Moreover, Kanggie is a social networking site which allows you to just promote your site, products and services. It helps you to increase online awareness about you, your products and services. Moreover, you stand to earn lifetime commissions just by joining the site and referring others to it! It’s that good!

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! Really! We just want people to benefit from what we are doing and sharing and eventually help people create a passive online income.

Well, just go onto Kanggie and check it out for yourself! 😀

Internet Marketing, Social Networking

Kanggie’s Official Launch!

August 16, 2007

I am so glad to announce this on my blog and that is Kanggie IS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! 

If you still don’t know, Kanggie is a social networking website that is targeting internet marketers and internet marketing beginners! But of course, we are still welcoming anyone who is interested to socialise! And well, why not have the extra benefit of finding out more about making money online!

The Kanggie management team has worked hard for the past 2 months to bring you this website and we certainly hope that our efforts will pay off with your kind support! Do remember that the site will be giving out lifetime commissions!

Firstly you earn Kanggie credits when you sign up for Kanggie and when someone you refer signs up for Kanggie !

Next you earn 50% commission of the sale of One Time Offer occurs when your referral buys the attractive One Time Offer packages!

You also stand to earn 20% commission whenever your referral tops up his/her Kanggie Dollars by purchasing more and this is lifetime commission!

There’s so much more happening at Kanggie and Calvin, Munir and I sincerely hope that you’ll drop by to take a look!