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Liven Up Your Blog With Audio and Video!

March 22, 2007

A lot of Internet Marketers or Bloggers that I know love to emphasise the point that it is important to attract the crowds and a variety of applications – form of traffic generation. Some recommend having photos, audio clips, podcasts and videos on their blog. But….. if I’m not wrong, well, not many seem to be practising what they preach. Camera-shy maybe? But I know I may be wrong. 

Well, check this out:

This is a video that was done by Calvin and myself at the beginning of this year. It can also be found at our 7 Ways To Earn Money Online website now. We came up with this video because we realised the importance of a video clip on a website. It takes time to prepare, record and edit the video. But it’s all worth it.

Well, then what can putting up audio and video clips on your blog or website do for you?

Well, firstly no doubt, it livens up your blog and at least, there’s something to break the monotony that comes with a whole bunch of words that you’ve typed in your blog post. Sure, photos can do the same job but I don’t think that they are as effective in capturing attention.

Moreover, more information can be communicated through audio or video clips much faster than a blog post. Because it requires less effort for understanding – we see or listen. And there’s the power of persuasion in a voice. The audio and video clips do encourage people to sign up for more information and well, be more inclined to be a subscriber of your site!

As mentioned, the power of persuasion is greater through the use of audio or video clips and it helps in the promotion of well, services and products at your blog. Especially now, that more people are aware of internet marketing and want to venture into setting a website that promotes products etc, well, audio and video clips are great mediums!

Do you know that your audio and video clips can be act as a short, impactful advertisements?

But it’s dependent on how you do it!

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