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Blogging – How Your Blog Should Be An Easy Online Income Stream Generator For You! (Part 3)

July 9, 2007

Well, I’ve shared with you the idea of creating a blog and how your blog can help bring in some money for you! After the start of my blog post series, I’ve got friends who msn-ed me on what exactly do they need to do and are asking for advice. So now that I have shared with you the ‘WHY’ of starting a blog and to end off the blog series, I’m going to talk about ‘HOW’ you can start your blog.

Firstly, you need to sign up with a blogging platform. The one that I’m using is WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal which also provide the service too.

Next, pick out a theme for your blog and also the topic that you are going to blog about. You need to be specific about what you are blogging about in order to be able to reach out to your target audience. Let’s say you are blogging about Female Healthcare, you would want to narrow down to the specific group of females you are targetting. Let’s say teenagers. After which, you need to narrow down to the specific category of health care. Is it going to be on facial care, hair care, psychological care or just physical wellness? So you need to be specific.

Finally, start blogging!!! Insert a lot of content and information into your blog! Try to link with sites that are relevant to your site as well as try to find blogs that are also in the same niche. Get to know more people – fellow bloggers as well as your blog readers and visitors!

After which, sign up with Google adsense and get the ad codes to place on your blog. You need to either do a Google search on affiliate programs which are related to your blog content or go to Clickbank to search its marketplace for affiliate programs too. You can go to Payperpost to find assignments to blog about too! 🙂

Get started with these basic ways and well, if you are interested to know more on monetizing your blog and other online income streams, click HERE to find out more!

Blogging, Internet Marketing

Blogging – How Your Blog Should Be An Easy Online Income Stream Generator For You! (Part 2)

June 21, 2007

Firstly for those who do not have a blog or a ‘serious’ one (where you don’t blog nonsensical ramblings), you might want to create one just to help you start earning that online income stream that you have always wanted on the sideline.

But here are a couple of reasons why I think you should just create a blog, even if you are not planning to monetize it.

Well, you can share information with the world about yourself, your country, your culture etc. and basically, you also can share the lessons you have learnt from an experience. You can provide solutions to problems and meet people who are facing the same situation. I think it’s quite obvious that you can meet people online through your blog and create new friendships. It’s easier for you to find people who are interested in the same things as you when you blog about a particular interest that you have.

It’s easy to create blogs BUT you need to convince yourself why you should transform your blog from an ordinary one which is all about your daily activities, feelings and events to one where you are providing good information to the entire world as well as monetizing it to bring you an income.

What you create is a NICHE blog where you provide information about a certain topic and related ones. So that when people are searching for information in this area, they can be directed to your blog.

For instance, Calvin’s blog is concentrating on the niche of internet marketing and basically, for a niche blog what you aim to provide your readers is topical information that is related to your niche. And once you are sure that people to your blog are ‘targeted’ or people who are interested in the information that you provide, you can then move on to even sell products/ services through your blog.

For my blog, I realised that I haven’t defined my niche. Probably because there are too many things that I’d like to share with you which causes my blog to be a little disorganised. And moreover, the quest for excellence – there are so many things that one can do to achieve excellence and success in one’s life! For instance, I would want you to create a blog to help you earn a passive income that perhaps can give you more money to invest in yourself, or have the ability to pursue other things such as investments, personal development etc. which help you achieve excellence/success in your life!

Lastly, you can create an online passive income stream for yourself and yes, you can earn money through blogging! But before I do tell you HOW to do so, I need you to identify what key areas do you want to tackle in your blog and WHY you are doing this. Why are you blogging about that topic? Why are you even starting to blog?

Always remember to make your blog personal and at the same time, informational. Once you have identified the key areas, it will be easier for you to apply the information that I’ll share with you in my next and last post on this blog post series. 🙂

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Blogging – How Your Blog Should Be An Easy Online Income Stream Generator For You! (Part 1)

June 17, 2007

Well, firstly, I have put up a poll on my sidebar and it’s all for YOU, my dear blog reader!

It’s my way of finding out what matters the most to you, especially with regards to creating an online income stream and basically, I’ll provide more information on the topic in my blog post and well, make it short and easy to understand for you!

There are so many people each day who are exposed to internet marketing and many who are interested but have no idea how to go about starting an online income stream.


1. They are afraid of being a scam victim.

2. They lack the knowledge they need.

3. They think that the Internet is JUST a place to obtain information and a place for them to find cheap products and deals.

4. They are not getting their desired results.

5. They are impatient.

6. They lack the technical skills.

7. They THINK they lack the technical skills.

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Let Blogging Be A Home-Based Business For You!

June 1, 2007

In my previous blog post, I talked about how you should ‘gear’ yourself for a home-based business. And well, some friends emailed me to ask, what kind of home-based business would I recommend then.

In my eBook package, Calvin and I actually share with people the potential of using the Internet to create a passive income stream for us in the comforts of our own homes and in them, we detail how to set up our own online business, selling on ebay and even making use of online programs to help you create a passive stream of income.

Well, frankly, I feel that a home-based business can be easily achieved through blogging, or keeping an online journal.

Why & How?

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Did You Know That Motherhood Is Taken To A Whole New Level?

May 14, 2007

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world! Hee..  

I was reading the Straits Times Newspaper’s Digital Life section (dated 8 May 2007) and there was an article titled “Kids Play Blocks, Mums Write Blogs”. It really intrigued me that I left it around in order to blog about it. And now, I’m finally here to do so!

Well, I feel that the article has captured the full essence of what blogging is all about and how it has evolved as a Web 2.0 application. Everyone has a blog and are capturing all the details of their lives. Their blogs allow them to share with the entire world the events that happen around them, their frustrations, their bliss, their questions and their answers etc etc. There’s really nothing under the sun that they can blog about. Why except politically controversial issues I guess.

For these mothers, well, blogging has allowed them to network with each other, share photos of their babies, interesting tips to do with motherhood and peer support. They achieve all these with the use of a humble blog in a corner of the HUGE internet space available.

Social networking, coupled with blogging, enables people who may be alone and feeling alone in one part of the world, to be still connected to people and interact with new people as well. It gives stay-at-home mums a better way to interact and maintain a social life while caring for their children and their family.

Now, motherhood is not merely just taking care of the child/children but has progressed to interacting with others to find out what is best for her child/children. With the Internet, information is readily available, mothers can be well-educated in the area of child development through online resources and the peer support that they receive through online groups, blogging communities, can help them to overcome depression or any frustrations that they may be facing in their daily lives as a mother.

But though the internet sounds like the perfect haven, there are still precautions that have to be taken such as the child’s personal details and also family particulars as well. Mum bloggers or actually, any blogger should always aim to protect him/herself from the dangers of the internet such as Identity Theft. And the basic rule to follow is “Never divulge any information online that you will not give to a stranger in person” such as credit card information, address, contact numbers, identification number, passport number etc.

As mothers are blogging about their children, they will need to have a greater sense of responsibility because they are involving not only their lives but their children’s. But nonetheless, so long as precautions are taken, blogging and social networking can and should be integrated into everyone’s daily lives.

Here are some recommended mummy blogs provided by the article which I think you might be interested to check out:

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