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Setting Up A Home Office

Operation Office Creation… Progress: 20%

February 8, 2009

It’s great to be able to share with you our joy of building up our office! And narrating our experience to you is definitely one that is meant to spur you on that anything is possible so long as you set your mind and heart to achieve it.

Calvin and I have come a long way since knowing about Internet Marketing back in 2006 and stumbling and falling and finally picking up our toes and taking the right path down this industry. Never did we imagine back then in 2006, that we will be running a full-fledged company within a span of just 2 years. Do bear in mind that we were studying University and working on our business at the same time then.

Now, we’re working from home and have registered our companies, running operations from Monday to Friday. It’s been great that we’re starting a business and working on our own because it’s OTOT (own time own target), so our income is proportional to the effort we put in. And what spurs us on is our goals to achieve the many things in life together which makes us more united, committed and willing to go all out.

We just went to IKEA today to get our office furniture. Got the office tables, swivel chairs, magnetic board, whiteboard etc. It was fun planning what kind of office we were hoping to have and what we wanted to have in it. So we went down to IKEA about 3 weeks back and settled on the items. Then waited for the right moment before making our purchase. And it’s today!

Now that we’ve got the furniture, it’s time to purchase the desktops. We’ll need to get 2 desktops and we’re currently scouting for good deals. 😉 A trip to Sim Lim one afternoon should do the trick. 😀 Until then, we’re about 20% done considering that we’ve got the furniture!

I should snap photos of the office at its gradual creation stages! 😀 Haha.. I’ll be sure to do that and post them up in my next post. 😉 Stay tuned!

Juicy Gift Store

Here’s A Way To Surprise Your Loved One This Valentines’ Day

January 30, 2009

Wonder what’s a way to surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife this Valentines’ Day?

Forget about the traditional roses and candlelight dinner which are so cliche! Be more interesting and send him/her something that you designed and personalized!

How about an interesting PSP cover with a photo of the 2 of you embedded in it?

What about a T-shirt which was designed by you?

You can even send a piece of thong with your picture on it! HAHAHA…

Sound interesting right? It’s actually all available at my store, Juicy Gift Store.

Creation of your personalized gift is so easy!

#1 Choose A Product

#2 Upload your design, photo whatever.

#3 Specify your mailing location

#4 Wait and be surprised!

And guess what, I came up with a promotion just to make things a lot more sweeter.

Be sure to take advantage of this promotion to get a special personalized gift for your loved one! You can send your gift to anywhere in the world!

Your girlfriend’s doing exchange in England? Fret not! We do delivery to almost all the countries in the world! You can be sure that delivery will be done within 5 to 10 working days.

Time is running out! Just go on down to Juicy Gift Store today!

(p.s. I got my own bf a keychain which has our photo embedded in it. I’ll post up pictures of it soon)

(p.p.s quality is guaranteed. if not, you’ll get your money back.)

Juicy Gift Store

Singapore’s Only Online Personalized Gifts Store – Juicy Gift Store!

December 7, 2008

Still thinking what to get for your friends and loved ones this Christmas?

Have a friend/loved one who stays overseas?

How about getting personalized gifts which will be delivered straight to their doorstep AND you can design it just the way you like it.

Frankly, I think that Juicy Gift Store has got to be the only online personalized gifts store… and with this great a variety! We have hundreds of products waiting for you to customize. I set it up together with Calvin and it’s really the fruit of my hard labour. Lol!

Anyway, you can design your own gifts, put your own designs and pictures and select the product that you wish to have. It’s that simple and easy! And trust me, the quality of the goods are wayyyyy better than those personalized gifts services you get in the malls. *trust me*

Now that it’s Christmas and it’s time to shop for those gifts… how about just ordering them and getting them delivered right to your doorstep or to your receipients’ doorstep?

Anyway, I’ve decided to spread the joy around by coming up with this promotion and it’d make it harder to resist not buying personalized presents! 😀

So check it out now!

Happy shopping!


The Importance of Good Business Networking

May 28, 2008

These past few days I’ve been very busy getting around the things I have to accomplish for a project of mine that I’m working on together with Calvin under IMovators and to tell you the truth, it’s something that I’m really excited about. To get the project going, it’s necessary to build the right connections with the right people – in other words, good business networking.

Don’t belittle the idea of networking or just think that business networking is only for those who are running their businesses. In fact, it is a very valuable tool that is important to almost everyone and especially those who are looking for connections/help to assist them in their work. Good business networking is all the more important for those who are running businesses or in the public relations industry because of the need to reach out to others as well as increase your company’s visibility.
So what is GOOD business networking?
Good business networking is really about reaching out to the right people and letting them know who you are and what you do. Moreover, it’s about establishing a sincere connection such that the person will remember you and what you do. If you can successfully create an impact on the first impression or on the first meeting with another, can create for themselves opportunities that come by when these contacts of yours will seek you out whenever they need someone of your skills and talents and will also recommend you to others.

From my experience, it really doesn’t matter whom you network with. Ultimately, it’s really the relationships that you create with others that can bring you a long way because you never know who they may know or possibly run into at some time in the future that may open a door of opportunity for you. No man is an island thus, it’s important that you build sincere relationships with others, take a genuine interest in people and let them know that you are there to help them just as they are to help you. Never rule anyone out as not having the ability to be useful because that is just adopting a very superficial view towards the relationships you create during networking.
Good business networking can be done anywhere and with anyone. Always be polite and don’t be shy to approach people at functions and events. Adopt a positive attitude and smile when starting a conversation or when getting to know someone. It is important to introduce yourself and tell them what you do and what you hope for. If you have any plans which you are passionate about, share them but don’t force people to conform with your views because you have to respect that others may view things differently. Do remember to bring along some business cards and hand them out before politely ending the conversation or moving onto another topic. In addition, be polite to accept any cards that are given by others as well.
One thing that is very important in business networking is to be courteous and professional when dealing with anyone. Do not be affected by what others may say and just be yourself. Do not be pretentious by behaving like a person whom you are not. Good business networking is not just about you but about listening to the people you meet and building up relationships such that if you were to hear of an opportunity that may be beneficial to them, you can let them know also.

So what happens after the initial meeting?

Well, you definitely need to put in effort to maintain contact with them. Be it just a drop of an SMS message or an email. It is always nice to feel remembered. People feel special when they’re remembered. Just like if you were to receive a call from someone out of the blue because of your networking and are presented with an opportunity, you would feel happy. It is because of the knowledge that they have made a lasting impression of themselves on you that opened this door of opportunity and resulted in you contacting them.
If someone you know has helped you by opening a door of opportunity for you, take some time to thank them for their help. Good business networking involves you showing your appreciation as well as maintaining this relationship that you have created. So do remember to meet them for a meal or just even a simple drop of an email will be good. Treat your contacts as your friends and you will realise that you have already achieved the best outcome expected of good business networking!

Business, Internet Marketing

How To Be Successful With A Home-Based Business

May 16, 2007

If you are the following, you should always entertain the thought of having a home-based business:

– A student who’s looking for extra allowance

– A retiree who’s looking for an income as well as something to do in your free time

– A working adult who’s looking for a passive stream of income

– A stay-at-home mum who wishes to start a business that is flexible and adaptive

– Anyone who wants to earn an income from the comfort of your home

You need to find out which type of business is the right one for you and the plan to set up this business should cause you to be excited to embark on your money-making venture!

People always have the mentality that having a business means having an inventory, lots of goods, deliveries, managing customers etc and they get bowled over. But as I think through, a home based business can be made easy with or even without the process of constructing a website and through having a page on the internet, providing information on it, creating an exchange between buyers and sellers. You can be the seller or someone else. Ideas like Affiliate Marketing, Online niche businesses etc. should be flooding your mind now.  You can find out more HERE!

But HOW do you become successful with this business? 

You need to have good brains? You need a lot of money? You need a lot of workers? NO~!

You just need the following:  

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