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Setting Up An Office Ain’t Easy!

August 23, 2009

Calvin and I just settled the rental matters with the agent last week. It was basically a meet up with the landlord (but he had to leave, so the son took over) to finalize the rental as well as the terms and conditions. Now, one would think that after settling the rental, payment conditions, downpayment etc. It would be done. But it’s a learning experience for the both of us!

Cos right now, despite having settled the office space rental there are a couple of matters that are pending:

– Setting up the utilities and PUB matters

– Settling the interior design and decorations of the place

– Hunting for office furniture

– Getting the construction of partitions done

– Getting the electrical power points done

– Settling the signboard and logo of the company

– Getting the tender lease agreement done

– Painting the office with a new coat of paint

– Purchasing the pantry electrical items

– Getting the computers and electrical items needed for the office

And all have to be done settled before we leave for a short trip to Australia this september! Not all of them but at least some of them.

We’ll be running a recruitment drive soon! Details will be rolled out closer to the end of September. It’s exciting times ahead!

p.s. I will be revamping my blog pretty soon… stay tuned!


Office Space FOUND. IM advice for newbies.

August 16, 2009

I can’t believe the spot that we found. It’s perfect.

Last friday and weekend was spent looking for the office space and it’s amazing how running about and viewing different units can be quite tiring! Also the fact that we need to discuss the feasibility of the location, how good it is and whether we will fully optimize the space.

Well, after searching, we have found a great place.

Shall not reveal the location to keep the suspense.

It’s all in God’s hands and if we do end up with the place, it’s just a wonderful plan of God to set us up in a location where we were looking for.

Gonna meet up with the landlord and property agent to go through the agreement details soon. >_< Hopefully all discussions go smoothly. -------------------- Advice to internet marketing newbies: do not follow blindly. look for credible sources whom you know can provide you with proven methods to earn money online. don’t go into get-rich-quick schemes because you will not be able to fall back on them when you need a steady source of income. Establish an online business that can sustain you.

Work From Home Singaporeans

Do You Want To Work From Home?

April 5, 2009

Do you want to work from home?

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Are you looking for alternative sources of income?

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If you answered Yes to any of the questions, I know that what I’m going to suggest to you is going to help you. If not in the short term, it will help you in the long run because you are going to learn how to sustain yourself financially in these tough economic times with the help of the internet.

I have finally launched Work From Home Singaporeans site together with Calvin and it has been live since the 10th of March! And the response has been overwhelming and our membership is going strong.

Work From Home Singaporeans | Internet Marketing Singapore

If you are not sure whether this site is for you, I just want to ask, “Do you know what are the benefits of working from home?”

1. Flexibility – Work the hours that you want
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3. Choose to do what you like to do – you can select the work that you are interested in

and there’s so many more which will be revealed in the site…

This website is going to be a site for people who are looking to learn more about working from home. You will get to know like-minded people who are doing so and even venturing to build up a successful online business. There’s a lot for people to learn and through the free audio training program that I and Calvin have planned, you will learn a lot on ways to earn money online, how to find freelancing jobs online, how to build up your very own online business and much much more.

The purpose of the website is to share with people our knowledge in the field of internet marketing and also to extend to people out there, our helping hand during this times of economic instability and recession.

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Setting Up A Home Office

Our Home Office is 100% Done!

March 23, 2009

Actually it’s been a week since we got the office done and basically I failed to update you on my blog is because I was busy busy busy preparing for a site launch on the 10th of March and since then, everything took off!

The office is a very cozy office done up with just enough space to accomodate 4 grown ups in a room. lolz! And basically, the IT Show 2009 came at just the right time because we headed down on a Friday to get all the electronics stuff that we needed.

A couple of things we got from the show were:

1. Acer Aspire Desktop
2. Canon 4 in 1 printer –> which we regretted buying because we found a Brother one which was wireless and just going at $70 more.
3. An office line
4. Lenovo netbook –> which came together with the broadband plan that we signed up for the office.

It’s been fun doing up the office. We’re totally equipped with a fax machine, printer, 4 computers, arm chairs, air condition, white board, a hugeeee magnetic calendar and so much more!

We stocked up on the pantry too! Hahaha.. Though it may be small for the moment, but as we gradually expand, we’ll set our eyes somewhere for an office. But right now, our home office is sweet~

I’ve been so lazy at uploading photos because it takes time to upload to the PC and then up to the server. But well, I’ll hopefully take some time to do up some photos for you to see!

Till my next update!

P.S. Wanna check out the site that I and Calvin launched a week back? Just check it out here!

Setting Up A Home Office

Operation Office Creation…. Progress 65%

March 1, 2009

I told you that I’ll update you on the progress of our office creation and here I am to share more with you! It’s been pretty exciting fixing things up and buying the furniture and appliances needed. And just in case, you are settling up your own home office, it’s good to have a checklist and maybe mine can help you. πŸ˜€

So far, we bought :

1. Huge table –> doubles up as a meeting table and work desk.
2. CPU holders –> to hold the CPUs of course.
3. Table lamps
4. Electrical wire rack –> good for holding lots of electrical cables
5. 1 HP desktop –> we got it at a really cool price!
6. Printer
7. Roller cabinet –> really cute. It’s to store the printer and stationaries.
8. White board
9. Magnetic Board
10. 4 roller chairs –> 2 white and 2 blue!

Still pending:
1. 1 more desktop
2. Air conditioner
3. A Book shelf
4. Cheque typer
5. Paper shredder
6. Another printer?

I’m not allowed to put up photos though.. It’s a self-imposed rule. Haha.. Cos the office is currently in quite a mess. We’ve been trying to put in all our IM resources, references, files and documents into proper files and shelves. So everything is laying around!

The huge meeting table we got from IKEA was finally fixed up about more than a week ago and it’s really looking great. The meeting table doubles up as work desks for our 2 employees. πŸ˜€

The home office is really a cool concept that Calvin and I came up with because we wanted to maximise the extra room that his place has. Also, it was a great way to still have flexibility, rather than having to travel to and fro from another destination. πŸ˜€ Of course, this is only temporary. We’re scouting for a good place and definitely are waiting for the right time to move in.

Everything happens in God’s time. If the time doesn’t feel right, wait on it. πŸ˜€ We’re waiting for the right time for a lot of things… our car, our office and even, our marriage. LOL! Trusting in God’s time and plans is even greater than trusting in our own plans!

Ok, so that’s about it. The air-con guy is coming to fix up a new air con next wednesday. And till then, we’ll have to scout for our next desktop bargain and other things we might need! Stay tuned!