How We Celebrated Calvin’s 26th Birthday!


It’s a month since I last blogged! Sheesh.. time really flies! October was a really eventful month and I wish to thank everyone to helped us out at our first event, Accelerated Blogging Profits as well as all participants who came down in full force to join us on a Saturday. πŸ™‚

And also thanks to everyone’s well-wishes to my bf,Β Calvin Woon on his birthday last Saturday! November’s always the period where I usually panic one week before his birthday, trying to figure out how to celebrate his birthday. Β This year I badly wanted to surprise him in one way or another because it’s always nice to have something to remember a birthday celebration! Well, you won’t be 26 again, will you?

So anyway, Calvin’s a person who’s a workaholic (yes, you saw it right) so I wanted him to relax completely on his birthday.

Surprise #1 (Success!): Calvin loves Baileys and Chelsea. Haha.. Yes, he’s a HUGE Chelsea club fan. So, I tried looking for a bakery which made custom cakes – Chelsea jersey + Baileys cake flavor? That’s quite ambitious don’t you think? Haha.. It was kinda difficult to find a cake maker who was able to do that for a cake that’s less than 1 kg. So I gave up on the idea. BUT I found Pine Gardens (thankfully through the Straits Times Lifestyle section which covered on custom cakes) and they had BAILEYS CHOCOLATE CAKE! πŸ˜€ I ordered and had it delivered to his place in the morning!

Surprise #2 (FAILED): Initially, I had wanted to surprise him with a bunch of friends on his birthday. It was really funny because everyone had different schedules and it was so difficult to cater to everyone, so I cancelled the whole plan. The funny thing was, then the night before, everyone seemed to be able to make on Saturday (!!!) but I had already planned something for the day.

Surprise #3 (Indeed a surprise!): So the thing I planned was a trip to Universal Studios! That’s the big thing in Singapore, isn’t it? I initially had planned to bring him there but the tickets were SOLD OUT 2 weeks before his birthday! I was crushed. I was so disappointed that I even told Calvin about it. πŸ˜› So I scampered to figure out where to bring him for his birthday. Then just 2 nights before (when I realized the surprise with friends isn’t possible), I just decided to check again to see if tickets were available. God must have known I badly wanted to surprise Calvin with something! And to my surprise, the tickets were available! So I rushed to purchase them and because he thought they were sold out, he was indeed surprised on the day itself!

Surprise #4 (Totally Unplanned!): Now, this came as a surprise to me too! The Singapore Navy decided to show some LURRRVVE to my dearest boy and called him at 10am for immediate mobilization. We were on the way to Sentosa already when he received the call from them. Can you imagine how crushed we were??? Calvin’s face totally went white when he received the call and then he told me to drive home for him to dress in his navy uniform. I thought he was trying to pull a prank on me. Until I realized, he wasn’t joking. So we had to head down all the way to Changi for him to report for the mobilization. I parked the car at the SAF Yacht Club and waited and prayed the mobilization was not for the whole day nor a surprise exercise. God answered my prayer: he was out in 30 minutes!

Surprise #5 (Didn’t make it): A birthday is never complete with a birthday dinner or some sort of treat at some fancy restaurant right? So I had planned to bring him to Sapphire at Mount Faber. But guess what! We were tooooo exhausted from the day at Universal Studios!! Haha.. So in the end, we drove home with tired legs and exhausted bodies and bought takeaway food from the coffee shop near his place.

Now, if you were to ask me, I would say if anyone were to ask him, so what did you do on your 26th birthday? I can be sure, he will remember what we did. Simply because the Singapore Navy mobilization made it unforgettable. Also, the trip to Universal Studios was an eye-opener for us, especially when it’s a theme park in our own small island country.

Well, I really hoped he enjoyed himself as much as I did that day because he truly deserves it..! πŸ™‚

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