Beautiful Bohemian Bags for Sale!!

I’m trying to clear stuff from my collection of bags, shoes and clothes and to start this off, I’ve got 2 Bohemian bags which I never really got around using them. Haha.. So instead of letting them collect dust in my cupboard.. it’s better for someone who will utilize them to actually use them.

First is the Black Sequined Bohemian Bag:

It’s a nice and simple bag which can be carried to dinner functions (if you’re dressing in boho) or just when you’re out shopping.

The sequined pattern is really nice and shiny.

It’s in perfect condition (10/10) and I’m selling it at SGD 15 mailed.

The next one is another bohemian bag which is bigger and it’s called Colourful Circles!

The design is really cute because it has circles on both the front and back. Its material is hard rattan like/ straw-like and it’s really durable. Big enough for you to bring out on your trips to the beach, school or even when you’re out shopping!

The design is really unique and in great condition too (10/10). And I’m letting it go at only SGD 22 mailed.

If you’re interested in getting the 2 pieces, do drop me an email here or leave a blog comment stating your interest and I’ll get back to you asap!

If you know anyone who might be interested to get them, do share the link with your friends. 😀 Thanks!

p.s. Prices quoted are only for Singaporean Residents. International web visitors interested, can email me to find out more.

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